hippo eats baby hippo

Hippo Eats Baby Hippo – Is it a Myth or Reality?

(Last Updated On: April 9, 2021)

There is a dilemma whether hippo eats baby hippo or not? Hippo (though rarely) has been depicted eating carrion, usually near water. There are other reports on meat-eating, and even narcissism and prophecy. Hippo’s stomach anatomy is not compatible with carnivorous and eating meat is most likely due to unhealthy behavior or nutritional stress.

Baby hippo calf is mauled to death by pod of hippos

Hippo eats baby hippo?

Mother hippos need to protect their babies from male hippos. Growing men do not invade the land but they will attack and often kill infant hippos underwater. There has been a lot of research on why animals kill their babies and it happens for a number of reasons, depending on the particular circumstances

A two-year-old hippo calf has been killed after being introduced to his mother and another hippos being driven to the baby.

The baby is being introduced to the hut in Zawangwa, where it is suddenly set up and tossed in water at Hwanz National Park.

The calf’s ruins were later occupied by an opportunistic crocodile, who swiftly ate the animal’s severed body in this devastating water attack.

Graphic photographs of the brutal scene were captured by James Wilson, who identified the attack at Zwanaboo’s Hwanage National Park, where Cecil Lion was controversially killed. Wilson said the attack was so tragic, ‘even the most seasoned guides were a bit hurt when they saw the scene.’

It is believed that hippos sometimes kill children when they are populated or fight some kind of illness.

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The reasons for the killing of hippos infants are relatively unknown due to the difficulty in studying invasive animals. Hippos tend to attack very stray people near their water pond, fearing that their calves may be at risk.

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Photographer James Wilson said: ‘We are not sure what the hippo was exactly to do with it but the main point is the fact that the life and death of the African bushes is that although we were just a little surprised by what we had just seen, we knew that we were in nature. I was fortunate to see such an incredible moment. “

‘We often see hippos floating in the water with the beautiful tips of the eyes and ears and the fact that they are probably lazy animals.

Photographer James Wilson managed to capture (source) the shocking images whilst enjoying a weekend trip to Hwange National Park


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