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Fiona the Hippo – Now with 4 Year Highlight in 2021

(Last Updated On: April 9, 2021)

It’s thrilling to believe that Fianna the hippo, the premature baby born in 2017, is going to celebrate her third birthday on 24th January 2020. She crossed the £ 1000 mark in January 2019 and is a regular hippo living at the Cincinnati Zoo. Fiona the hippo is the youngest hippo to survive. Fiona the Hippo was born prematurely at the Cincinnati Zoo on January 24, 2017 and his adorable journey to health has gone viral (source).

For Cincinnati Zoo's Baby Hippo Fiona, Every Day Brings New
For Cincinnati Zoo’s Baby Hippo Fiona, Every Day Brings New

Fiona the Hippo

Fiona the Hippo is the Hippopotamus, born January 29, before being born at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA The first blue hippo pre-natally pictured on ultrasound and the firstborn at the zoo in 755, he was born prematurely and with the care of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital c.

Fiona the hippo’s parents are Henry and Bibi. (Henry died at the age of 36 in October 2017.) He was the first blue-hippo born at the Cincinnati Zoo in 75 years and the first of the species to be scanned in the womb using ultrasound. She was born six weeks prematurely on January 27, 2017, weighing 29 pounds (13 kg); The recorded weight range for the species at that time was 55-120 lbs (25-55 kg).

Happy Birthday, Fiona! The Baby Hippo's Cutest Moments
Happy Birthday, Fiona! The Baby Hippo’s Cutest Moments

She was unable to stand and was given a bottle of breastfeeding from her mother, supplementing infant formula for the first time that any hippopotamus was weaned and milk was analyzed. The following month, while giving his teeth, he began to refuse his bottle and became dehydrated; A catheter was inserted into the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to supply venous fluid with the help of members of the Vascular Access team. The Prima facie sent a care package to the zoo earlier.

Fiona the hippo is 'living the best life' as she hits a major milestone
Fiona the hippo is ‘living the best life as she hits a major milestone

Zoo staff named the baby hippo Fiona because her ears forced them to think about the Shrek heroine, and because it was “forsake.” Fiona the hippo made her first move on February 7, with her introduction to the media, reaching 315 pounds (125 kg) by May 31 and reaching a normal weight of 317 pounds (144 kg) by June; At six months of age, he weighed 560 lbs ( 170০ kg) and at the end of August was 5 lbs (20 kg). On his first birthday, January 24, 2018, he weighed more than 655 pounds (297 kg). As of December 26, 2018, her weight is from a thousand pounds of weight.

The Fiona Show
The Fiona Show


The Fiona the hippo Show debuted in August 2017 on Facebook. Fiona, a children’s book about him, was published in June 2018 by the zoo’s director, Than Maynard.

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A video posted on the zoo’s social media went viral, as photos of a couple like Fiona the hippo watching them engage in October 2017 were revealed in a mural downtown Cincinnati in August 2018; Lucy Rice wins the competition to create its design.

Fiona the hippo appeared in a December 2018 production of Cincinnati Ballet, played by a 6’4 “dancer, and” stole the show “.


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