Hippo Attack – How to Save Yourself from?

(Last Updated On: April 9, 2021)

Hippopotamus can be dangerous when they are annoyed. So, a hippo attack may occasionally be happened in every part of the world. What are the ways to get rid of an imminent hippo attack?   Why an hippo attack an human, or an animal? In this article we will be discussing about several recorded hippo attack on human.

Hippo Attacks Women on Birthday Safari in Africa

Kristen Yaldo is fortunate to survive after being attacked by hippos.

She and her husband Ryan Yaldor were on a canoe trip for their 8th birthday while on a safari in Africa, when the creature came down the boat and threw it into the air.

Ryan was able to escape, but Hippo grabbed Kristen and dragged her under the water. Its powerful jaws grip its legs.

“I’m in the hippo’s mouth, holding my leg, and getting hit in the back by the water,” Kristen said in an interview with Inside Edition.

But Kristen fought and tried to hold the animal’s jaw open. “I caught it in my mouth, I could feel it was skinny and massive … and I just tried to shake it off my leg,” he said.

Eventually, it leaves him and he manages to swim to the shore.

He said that he could see his muscles being stuck from his legs and desperately tried to stay calm.

When she was taken in an ambulance, a treat reminded Kristen that it was her birthday and began singing to her in an attempt to calm her.

Kristen is now home in Tampa, but she still has some ways to recover.

According to National Geographic, hippos can grow up to 14 feet in length and weigh up to 8,000 pounds. Animals can snap a canoe in half with one bite.

Hippo Invades Florida Florida Women: Report

The average hippopotamus doesn’t have the fame of a shark, but one Florida tourist found that it should. Kristen Eldore was touring South Africa with her husband when a hippo overturned their canoe on the Zambezi River.

Tourists have come to Florida and raised concerns about the shark attack. A Florida tourist first learned about a very dangerous animal in Africa.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Kristen and Ryan Yaldor of Odessa were floating along the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. Ryan swam to safety, hippo stripped his wife to her feet, dragged her into the ditch and broke his woman.

Kristen was gone, but it took her more than 13 hours to make it to the hospital. The Times reported that he was in the intensive care unit

Her mother-in-law, Martin Yaldor, said Kristen was lucky she was cutting the hippo with flat jaws instead of her sharp fuel teeth.

He told the Times, “If one of those (incisors) teeth hit his femoral artery, we would probably plan a funeral today. “By all accounts, he was incredibly lucky.”

But is the tour operation also incredibly neglected? These accounts fall apart.

An eyewitness told the Zimbabwe Sunday Times that the Florida mother had gone too close to the hippo, which was protective of her calf.

“They came very close to the hippo and were terrified of it and attacked their boat,” the witness letter said. “The woman was injured in her right leg in the process.”

Ryan Yaldor says the hippos attacked before they could respond.

“We had no idea there were any children,” she wrote in an email to the Times. “We were just told, ‘Hips move forward, go left.’

He says that the tour guide yelled at them for swimming on the island but his wife did not have time.

He pulled the astrologer down with water, “he told the Times.” He had no chance of swimming on the shore.

Hippo attacks crocodile
Hippo attacks crocodile

Sharks have a worldwide reputation as hunters, thanks largely to the movie “Jaws”. But in 2017, there were 88 confirmed shark attacks on humans and about five deaths each year.

Hippos kills 500 to 2,900 people a year, depending on the study you believe in. If it is the higher end, it means that hippos do it to eight people a day.

The trip was planned to celebrate Kristen’s 37th birthday. Next time, he’ll probably like to go swimming on a Florida beach.

“It’s a very unfortunate event that can happen in the wild with animals while we’re on their terrain,” Martin told the Eldore Times. “But the people who were given this opportunity were not properly prepared … They need to have the courage to believe in saying,” Sorry, this is not safe today. “

Hippo attack near Kenyan lake kills 2, injures 5

Nairobi, Kenya – A Chinese tourist was attacked and killed by a hippo while filming along the Naivasha lake in Kenya’s Rift Valley, hours after a local fisherman was killed in the same area, authorities said Sunday.

The second Chinese tourist was injured Saturday night and received treatment at a local hospital in Naivasha, about 56 miles southeast of Nairobi, the Kenya Wildlife Service said in a statement.

Hippo attack on human

A hippo attacked a Kenyan fisherman several miles away from a Kenyan fishery that had happened to Chinese tourists, a police official said.

Riddon Valley Criminal Investigation Chief Zidon Kibunza said, “The man had a bite to his chest and his injury was severe and he died minutes after being rescued from the lake.”

This year, out of six people, the hippos have died this year around Lake Naivasha.
Hippo Speedboat chase fast in Zambia

Wildlife Service spokesman Paul Udto said the situation was unclear if two Chinese were attacked. He said that attacks on tourists are rare because they are usually protected by guides.

He said that hippos and lonely buffs pose the greatest danger to humans and that there have been many attacks in which civilians and even rangers have died.

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