Pygmy Hippo Baby – How Cute a Pygmy Hippo Baby Can Be!

(Last Updated On: April 9, 2021)

Tanganyika Wildlife Park

The source says, a new pygmy hippo baby girl is born, but it cannot be known for certain until she is a little older and cannot be named after her. The baby weighs about 13 pounds and is currently the size of a shoebox.

Tanganyika Wildlife Park is the first and only pygmy hippos in Kansas and the firstborn in Kansas.

“It’s a huge milestone for Tanganyika as a breeding facility,” said Matt Fouts, assistant director of the park. “It marks the 40th successful breeding program of Tananganyika for rare and endangered species.”

The birth of the pygmy hippo was several years in the making. At 27, when Tanganyika sought to expand and add to its collection, park director Jim Fouts was considering ordinary hippos. However, he decided to focus on the pygmy hippos as their physical size was more suitable for available space and their wild population was declining.

They were on the endangered species list at 25, and for the Pygmy Hippo the International Studbook carried out a calculation that determined the age structure of a given population as unhealthy. In other words, it was lacking to ensure the preservation of young animals.

“As one of the most successful breeding facilities in the world, I knew we could make a difference for the pygmy hippos,” says Jim Fouts. “However, don’t expect it to take so long to achieve this”

In 2012, Jim began his search, and due to the small availability of pygmy hippies in the US, he had to look internationally, after two years of searching he was able to secure a male from Indonesia. At 27, he traded men for other men in Florida and got a woman for a breeding ground.

Posey and Pluto were both too young to breed, so they would have to wait another two years before they could reach their sexual maturity. They met with each other in July of 2016 and now have three pygmy hippos at Tananganika Wildlife Park.

Pygmy hippos are found in wild areas in West Africa. They live in rivers and wetlands in dense lowland forests, and there are several adaptations for living in aquatic environments.

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Although pygmy hippos spend most of their time in the water, the calves are born on land. At birth, the calf weighs 7.5 to 14 pounds. Pygmy hippo calves may not go well for the first few weeks after birth, so the mother will leave her baby in the tall grass or in the bushes during feeding.

Calves can nurse underground or underwater. These vegetables feed on a variety of roots, grasses, leaves, shoots, and fruits. At first glance, the pygmy hippo may look like a miniaturized version of the normal hippopotamus. Normal hippos weigh about 10 times more than pygmy hippos, but there are some differences in size.

At 27, a survey cited on the IUCN website determined that the wild pygmy hippo population was reduced by only two generations to 20% of the population. Pygmy hippos are classified as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. These are listed in the second appendix to the International Trade Convention on Endangered Species.

The pygmy hippos occupy a small range and are threatened with significant forest degradation. Population in the wild is difficult to estimate, but it is estimated that fewer than 3,000 people remain. The forests on which they depend for food are cut off or burned, and people use them more frequently in the rivers in which they live.

The new baby will be on display in Tanganyika from Saturday, July 8, 2017.

Toronto Zoo

In another instance, another source states that, the Toronto Zoo‘s Endangered Pygmy Hippopotamus Calf made its public debut on September 7th at the Zoo’s African Rainforest Pavilion!

Twelve-year-old mother, Kindia, gave birth to a female calf on August 7, the pair will be showcasing every morning from 7am to 5pm. However, this schedule may change because there may be a time when Pygmy will bring hippos into the maternity zone to feed him and enable our veterinary and wildlife care teams to closely monitor his progress.


Pygmy hippo baby is born
Pygmy hippo baby is born

The Toronto Zoo launches its “Name Our Pygmy Hippopotamus Calf” promotion on Friday, September 21, 2018! The zoo has asked the public to vote for their preferred name from a group of four names that have been chosen by its wildlife care conservation staff.

A cute pygmy hippo baby
A cute pygmy hippo baby


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