hippopotamus lifespan

Hippopotamus Lifespan – What Does A Hippo Do To Survive?

Hippopotamus (hippopotamus) is a large, round, water-loving animal with notable lifespan that is indigenous to Africa. The word “hippopotamus” comes from the Greek word “water horse” or “river horse”, though hippos and horses are not related to each other. This article will discuss about hippopotamus lifespan in details. According to the San Diego Zoo, the […]

Rhinoceros vs Hippopotamus

Rhinoceros vs Hippopotamus – Can Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus Coexist?

Rhinoceros vs Hippopotamus. Hippos and Rhinos are really different in appearance and behavior of two huge African mammals. A hippo (short for hippopotamus) is a large, predominantly aquatic, African mammal. A rhinoceros (short for rhinoceros) is a large mammal that extends from thick skin, short legs and bursts of one or two horns. Rhinoceros and […]