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Homewood Mountain Resort: Review, Contact, Features, Stay

Homewood Mountain Resort is about on the west shore of California’s Lake Tahoe simply south of Tahoe Metropolis. Most of the runs have spectacular lake views.

Homewood has two terrain parks additionally having gorgeous lake views and terrain for all ranges of experience, from newbies to future X Video game opponents. Homewood is positioned about an hour from Reno, NV, and about two hours from Sacramento, CA.

Homewood Mountain Resort: About

A Classic Family-Friendly Destination: Homewood Mountain Resort, established in 1961, remains a cherished destination in Tahoe known for its welcoming atmosphere and spectacular panoramic vistas.

Scenic Mountain Setting: Spanning 1,260 acres, Homewood offers breathtaking, unobstructed views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding peaks. The resort features eight lifts and boasts 67 runs catering to skiers and snowboarders of all levels.

Convenient Location: Easily accessible from Interstate 80 and California Highway 89, Homewood rises from the shores of Lake Tahoe to its summit elevation of 7,880 feet, offering convenient access for visitors from various locations.

Snowfall and Sunshine: Homewood enjoys an impressive average of 450 inches of annual snowfall coupled with 300 days of sunshine, creating ideal conditions for winter sports enthusiasts throughout the season.

Terrain Diversity: The mountain terrain caters to all skill levels with 15% dedicated to beginner slopes, 50% to intermediate runs, and 35% to advanced terrain. Intermediate skiers especially appreciate the opportunity to enjoy diverse trails while admiring the crystal-clear beauty of Lake Tahoe.

Dining and Accommodations: Guests can enhance their experience with a visit to Homewood’s sister property, the West Shore Café & Inn. Located in a charming lakefront setting, this venue offers world-class dining options within an intimate inn atmosphere, complementing the resort’s allure with culinary delights and lakeside relaxation.

Elevated Views and Serene Settings: Homewood Mountain Resort

At Homewood Mountain Resort, nestled near Lake Tahoe, a mere 280 steps elevate you to an elevation gain of 1,650 feet, offering a truly unparalleled vista. This isn’t just any view; it’s a scene that captivates, urging you to pause and soak in its splendor—a sight that lingers in memory and beckons to be shared. As the closest resort to the lake, Homewood’s proximity speaks volumes, promising an experience that blends natural beauty with convenience.

Where Mountain Majesty Meets Lakeside Luxury

Homewood Mountain Resort offers an exquisite setting where the rugged majesty of the mountains meets the tranquil allure of Lake Tahoe. Imagine exchanging vows amidst the grandeur of a mountaintop ceremony site, accessed by a chairlift, overlooking the sparkling waters below. This picturesque backdrop sets the stage for weddings and events that are nothing short of magical. Following the ceremony, guests can descend via the chairlift for a cocktail hour nestled at the resort’s base, surrounded by nature’s splendor.

Unforgettable Weddings and Events

Homewood Mountain Resort promises a wedding experience that is both unforgettable and seamlessly coordinated. Their Mountaintop Ceremony and Event Center Reception Package caters to couples seeking a blend of natural beauty and rustic charm. The ceremony site, perched high above Lake Tahoe, ensures breathtaking views that enhance every moment. Transitioning to the Event Center at North Lodge, located just steps away from the lake, guests can enjoy a reception filled with modern rustic ambiance. Available six days a week from June through September, Homewood offers flexibility and expertise to make every wedding day as special as the view itself.

Homewood Mountain Resort

Accessible Elegance in Nature’s Embrace

What sets Homewood Mountain Resort apart is not only its stunning location but also its accessibility and convenience. Guests can easily access the resort via nearby transportation hubs, making it a desirable choice for both local and destination weddings. Once at the resort, the seamless transition from mountaintop to lakeside ensures a fluid and enjoyable experience for all attendees. Whether exchanging vows amidst towering pines or celebrating under starlit skies, Homewood Mountain Resort offers a unique blend of elegance and natural splendor that transforms weddings into cherished memories.

A Season of Celebration and Splendor

Homewood Mountain Resort caters to weddings and events during the prime months of June through September, capitalizing on Lake Tahoe’s most spectacular season. This timeframe ensures optimal weather and conditions, allowing couples to embrace the outdoors and enjoy all that the resort and its surroundings have to offer. With packages designed to accommodate varying preferences and party sizes, Homewood ensures that each celebration is tailored to meet the couple’s vision, creating a day filled with love, joy, and panoramic beauty.

Homewood Mountain Resort: Features

Historic Charm and Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Homewood Mountain Resort, established in 1959, has maintained its status as one of California’s classic winter recreation destinations. Generations of skiers from the Bay Area have cherished its family-friendly environment, perfect for learning and enjoying winter sports.

Scenic Beauty and Unobstructed Views: Situated on Lake Tahoe’s West Shore, Homewood spans 1,260 acres offering breathtaking vistas of the entire lake and surrounding peaks. Named the gem of Lake Tahoe’s West Shore by SKI Journal, its location provides unparalleled views and a serene mountain backdrop.

Diverse Terrain and Skiing Experience: Homewood Mountain Resort is renowned for its diverse terrain, from flawlessly groomed slopes to hidden powder stashes. Skiers and snowboarders alike can enjoy peak-to-shore runs, making it a must-experience destination for Tahoe enthusiasts seeking both adventure and scenic beauty.

Intimate West Shore Setting: Nestled in an intimate setting on Lake Tahoe’s West Shore, Homewood offers a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of larger resorts. This setting enhances the resort’s appeal, providing a more relaxed and authentic mountain experience.

Luxurious Dining and Accommodations: Adjacent to Homewood, the West Shore Café offers a luxurious dining experience complemented by an inn, adding to the resort’s four-season appeal. Visitors can enjoy fine dining with views of the lake, making it a perfect spot to unwind after a day on the slopes.

Four-Season Destination: Beyond winter sports, Homewood Mountain Resort thrives as a four-season destination. Whether skiing in winter or exploring hiking trails and water activities in summer, the resort offers year-round enjoyment amidst Tahoe’s natural beauty.

Resort Hours and Guest Services Information

Homewood Mountain Resort offers convenient hours for guest services to ensure a seamless experience for visitors throughout the year.

Pre-Opening Guest Services Availability

Before the resort officially opens, guests can contact Guest Services via phone from Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 4 pm. This initial contact allows visitors to inquire about accommodations, activities, and any other information they may need to plan their visit effectively. The phone number for Guest Services is 530.525.2992. How AI, ChatGPT maximizes earnings of many people in minutes

Winter Season Guest Services Office Hours

During the winter season, when the resort is open for skiing and snowboarding, the Guest Services office operates daily from 8 am to 4 pm. This extended schedule ensures that guests have access to assistance throughout their stay, whether they need assistance with lift tickets, equipment rentals, or general inquiries. Visitors can also leave a message after hours at the same number, 530.525.2992, or contact Guest Services via email at [email protected] for further assistance.

These dedicated hours and contact options underscore Homewood Mountain Resort’s commitment to providing exceptional service and support to enhance every guest’s experience, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable visit regardless of the season.

Homewood Mountain Resort Address

Address: 5145 W Lake Blvd, Homewood, CA 96141, United States

Phone: +1 530-525-2992


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