do hippos eat meat

Do Hippos Eat Meat? What Animals do Hippo Eat?

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2021)

There is a common curiosity- do hippos eat meat? Hippos (though rarely) have been depicted eating carrion, usually near water. There are other reports on meat-eating, and even narcissism and prophecy. However, it is to say, Hippo’s stomach anatomy is not compatible with carnivorous and eating meat is most likely due to unhealthy behavior or nutritional stress.

Hippos are not always herbivores

Do hippos eat meat?

The hippos apparently look very tasty in the meat pass – but that doesn’t mean they should eat it.

Hippos eat meat too, not just plants.

Scientists have been getting this wrong about hippopotamus for years. In ancient Greek their name translates to “river horse” but modern science has associated animals with pigs. Most recent studies have shown that they are more closely related to whales. (source)

They don’t even sweat to the blood once thought, but emit a red liquid containing antibacterial sunscreen. Plus stubby leg rotund animals have surprised biologists at speeds up to 19mph.

We assume that because of centuries of human study and observation we know everything about this creature but … there is something happening that does not match what we think.

Hippos are not vegetarians and regularly feast on MEAT

The shaggy stomach that acts as a fermentation factory for breaking down plant material, animals are known as vegetarians. But is that knowledge even supposed to be a hassle-free U-turn?

One detail that can’t be misunderstood is that the hippos are huge – mature men weigh up to about 3200kg. They also have a well-known reputation for aggression and engage in brutal battles over mates, cutting their teeth with incisor teeth, which can measure up to 40 centimeters (1.3 feet) in length.

Aggressive encounters with unfortunate locals and tour guides have led to the hippos being called one of Africa’s most dangerous animals, with lions being blamed for more human deaths.

Surprise Diet

Yet hippos only hunt in the grass. To maintain their impressive sides, they consume about 40kg (88 lbs) a night and maintain their fat stats with a lean lifestyle, spending most of their time cooling and digesting them.

However, scientists have recently begun to uncover some exceptional behaviors that may change our view of animals again, especially their seemingly limited diet. This month, Liziah Darward, a PhD student at Imperial College London, published an essay in the African Journal of Ecology that recorded a rare experience.

“I was at the southern end of Kruger National Park, South Africa. While crossing a river, we saw two hippos in the water, surrounded by crocodiles, with a decaying hippo.” Until we saw a hippo feeding from the dead it was initially not a unique view, “he said.

Darvard was surprised to see a familiar vegetarian feeding on meat, not just his own breed.

Other Recommended Reading

“I didn’t realize until I came back to the UK and read something around the hippo diet that I realized just how negligent this behavior was,” he said.

Indeed, Dorward’s record is the second definitive account of Hippos’ narcissism in the scientific literature. For the past two decades, he has been watching the latest piece of a puzzle by Dr. Joseph P. Dudley at the University of Alaska, USA.

I think the important thing is that it has proven that we can still learn about nature in general and even some of the largest and charismatic wildlife species on the planet.

Dr. Dudley made the first record of eating hippos meat in Hwaz National Park in Zimbabwe in the 5th. Since then he has been collecting evidence of hippos eating empanas, baby elephants, and even their own national food. Although nocturnal events are still less than a dozen, they occurred throughout the range of animals from South Africa to Uganda.

In the past, hippo expert Dr. Keith Eltringham suggested that animals are not predators, but they are driven to cut meat when food or certain nutrient deficiencies occur.

It is true that animals are now facing the increasing pressure of humans to hunt them for their flesh and ivory, settle shit, and the growing competition for freshwater. The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists the species as weak across its range after falling 20% ​​over the past two decades.

“If carnivores are driven by dietary deficiencies in the hippos, they may become more dangerous if their access to food is drought or at other times, and try to understand whether this is important in this case,” said Lijiaha Dorward, who studied the interaction. Poor communities and their environment.

Dr. Dudley believes that the meat-eating behavior of hippos is not increasing but has only been overlooked in the past.


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