North American geography facts

40 North American Geography Interesting Geographic Cool Facts

North American geography facts are quite amazing. North America is split into a number of different areas and subregions. Among them are cultural, economic, and geographic zones. Economic zones were formed by trade blocs such as the North American Trade Agreement and the Central American Trade Agreement. This article will feature many more cool interesting […]

Africa geography facts

35 Africa Geography – Interesting, Cool African Geographic Facts

Africa geography facts are unbelievably interesting! The Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean surround Africa, the world’s second-largest continent. The Equator divides it approximately evenly in half. This article will reveal many more geographic facts about the African continent. Africa straddles the equator, with about equal lengths to the […]

australian geographical facts

25 Interesting Cool Amazing Fun Australian Geographical Facts

Australian geographical facts are quite interesting. The island continent of Australia attracts visitors from all over the world, and this attractiveness has risen in recent decades. Tourism is becoming Australia’s most important economic activity. Australia is a vast nation with abundant resources but few inhabitants in comparison to its size. It is slightly smaller in […]