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Depot Creek Falls Washington – Facts | Overview | History | Routs

The predominant Depot Creek falls, without doubt, one of the true juggernaut waterfalls in North America and by some requirements is perhaps among the best waterfalls on the planet.

Depot Creek Falls facts

Total Height: 948 feet
Tallest Drop: 948 feet
Num of Drops: 1
Avg. Width: 125 feet
Pitch: 72 degrees
Run: 1600 feet
Form: Sliding Horsetail
Watershed: Chilliwack River
Stream: Depot Creek
Avg. Volume: 150.0 cu ft/sec
Location: Whatcom County, Washington, USA

Depot Creek Falls overview

Depot Creek Falls is a 967-foot (295 m)-high waterfall within the North Cascades National Park, Whatcom County, Washington.

The Depot Creek falls happen the place Depot Creek drops over a headwall. The creek begins off by plunging 200 feet (61 m). After that may be a long slide of 767 feet (234 m) to the underside of the valley. Spray on the falls’ base is immense.

The common quantity of the falls is 300-500 cubic feet per second of water, which flows over a virtually 1,000-foot (300 m) high cliff as a 125-foot (38 m)-wide river.

Reaching the falls is difficult. One has to drive up Depot Creek FSR from the Canadian facet, which is in a poor situation, before mountaineering about eight miles (13 km) to the Depot Creek falls. This is one motive the falls are seldom visited.

Depot Creek falls heads in three massive glaciers on the north face of Mount Redoubt – itself one of many tallest mountains in Washington.

The soften from the glaciers converge into what can resemble a modest river below sizzling sufficient situations and hurtles, skips, slides, and veils 948 feet over an enormous glacially carved headwall within the valley.

Puritanically considering, Depot Creek may not be thought-about a noteworthy waterfall as a result of many of the waterfall skips and slides down the rock, reasonably than falling vertically, however seeing this waterfall in an individual would simply dispel any such arguments.

The Depot Creek falls start by plunging 248 feet off the lip of the valley right into a narrow shaded crevice. Immediately upon exiting the confines of the crack within the bedrock, the stream turns 70 levels to the left and begins long, steep horsetails slide for an extra 626 vertical feet, adopted then by a remaining plunging drop of 72 feet.

This all happens over a run of about 1600 feet in size, however, regardless of the great distance concerned within the drop, the falls are fairly a bit steeper – averaging a 70-degree pitch in most areas – than the general profile could in any other case recommend.

Depot Creek falls

At many factors in the course of the drop, the creek impacts the bedrock at such angles that massive roostertails could be seen exploding into the air, accompanied by clouds of the mist because the water kilos its manner down the mountainside.

Unfortunately because of the twisting form of the falls, there is no such thing as a solution to see your complete Depot Creek falls from the ground, although every part could be approached individually.

Furthering the considerably restricted views, as a result of the falls slide down the mountainside at a lower than vertical angle, a lot of the falls are obscured by foreshortening when seen up shut.

Depot Creek to Ouzel Lake

Route from the border to Ouzel lake is evident to observe. Waterfall hand traces are in place to cross over the bottom of depot creek falls. Although old, wire and attachment nonetheless seem good. Ouzel Lake is melted out and several other bivy websites are snow-free.

Mount Redoubt – South Face Route

This route was climbed on 7.19.17 Slabs main as much as the Redoubt glacier from Ouzel Lake is effectively cairned to select your manner by. Gaining the glacier is easy, not many crevasses open right now.

The col beneath the flying buttress that’s used to enter the South Face is snow-free and requires a short- 8 foot- low fifth class transfer. The leftmost decrease South face gully continues to be snow-coated and touring up it was easy steep snow.

The higher summit gully system is snow-free 3rd/4th class scrambling. There are three rappel stations from the summit down which have been changed and cleaned up. A 30-meter rope is adequate. Learn more about the best-things-to-do-in Santa Barbara.

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