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Egg Island is an uninhabited island, officially called an islet, which is comprising 800 m² in the Bahamas. Egg Island is the smallest ecological reserve in Alberta. Situated on Lake Athabasca, it was established to guard a significant breeding colony of Caspian terns, a “weak species”. The terns are believed to have nested on this island because of the early 1900s.

Egg Island facts

They often nest close to the center of the island. The Egg Island colony is the biggest within the province, with effectively over 100 nesting pairs of Caspian terns. Massive numbers of California gulls additionally nest right here.

The island is almost devoid of vegetation on the windward aspect. On the leeward aspect, raspberry gooseberry and the occasional willow, balsam poplar, and aspen are discovered.

Egg Island is an uninhabited island, formally an islet, comprising 800 m2 (8,611 sq ft) within the Bahamas. It is considered named due to the supposed chickens owned by residents of different close by islands who journey right here to gather the eggs; nevertheless, there are not any chickens on Egg Island.

One other principle is that native sea hen eggs have been usually collected right here by the primary settlers, these have been then worn out by the introduction of goats to the island for a very long time in the past.

The island has a crescent formed seashore that’s protected by a reef that protects your complete seashore.

The water behind the reef is mostly lower than 2 meters (6 ft 7 in) deep making it an excellent place to swim or watch ocean life. For the reason that water is so shallow and effectively protected, it tends to be hotter than the encircling sea.

Egg Island gained some fame within the 1980s when Arne Molander claimed that this was the primary island the place Columbus landed in his 1492 voyage to the New World.

Lengthy and skinny, Eleuthera is underneath 2km (1.2mi) large for 160km (100mi) of shoreline with pink-white seashores, sheltered coves, and dramatic cliffs.

The deep-water, bowling A-frame on the west aspect of Egg Island takes an excellent N swell to work, however it is often clear because the trades will blow offshore there. Trip a ship from Spanish Wells to test it out.

Masking simply 800 sq m, Egg Island is formally an islet. This tiny uninhabited patch is on the northwest finish of the lengthy skinny chain of islands that kind the Eleuthera archipelago, about 70 km from Nassau. Its title may originate from the seabird eggs collected right here.

Ripples of sand waves created by currents stand out within the shallow waters. These shallow waters are a pure nursery for sea turtles and different sea life.

Any disturbance to this delicate ecosystem may spell catastrophe for wildlife. In actual fact, Egg Island was lately liable to be developed as a cruise ship port, which might have meant dredging the seabed and destroying coral reefs. Fortuitously, this plan did not take maintenance due to the harm it might trigger to the surroundings.

Just lately, Egg Island has gained worldwide recognition after Disney Cruise Traces began exploring the realm for attainable improvement of a cruise ship port.

This challenge would have entailed dredging the ocean mattress to make means for a cruise ship port, drilling into and destroying coral reefs. Residents of close by Spanish Wells and North Eleuthera have been extraordinarily involved in the implications and began a petition to have the sale of Egg Island to Disney halted.

The first concern is that Egg Island is a pure nursery for sea turtles, juvenile fish together with snapper and grouper, crawfish (lobster), conch, stingrays, sea birds, and different wild sea life, and any disturbance to the fragile eco-system would show deadly to those animals and by default, detrimental to the native fishing trade.

After the petition was signed by 1000’s and far agitation, Disney introduced that because of the environmental effect, they might not proceed with the challenge.

Joseph Darville spoke on behalf of the native environmental organization Save the Bays and Waterkeepers Bahamas, stating in a public launch, “The company entity, Disney Cruise Traces, demonstrated duty and made the fitting alternative.

The neighborhood bought collectively and spoke in a voice that would not be ignored about an exercise that may have modified their lifestyle and will have destroyed a lot of the fish inhabitants on which they rely for his or her livelihood as a result of the reefs and the mangroves around Egg Island are essential to fish, conch and crawfish nurseries and habitats.

And the environmental effect evaluation did what it was created for. Primarily based on science, not emotion, it confirmed that there would have been harm and destruction of the marine surroundings.”

A touch upon the Disney weblog positioned the blame for the scenario on the Bahamian authorities, stating that If Bahamians need to shield their lands they need to focus efforts on their very own authorities. Authorities officers allowed Disney to gauge the potential of Egg Island as a cruise vacation spot.”

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