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Wizard Island: Travel, Facts, Crater Lake, Volcano, Boat Tour

Wizard Island Path is a 3.7-kilometer reasonably trafficked loop path situated close to Crater Lake, Oregon that includes a lake and is rated as average. This article will give an overview of Wizard Island crater lake, days gone, hordes, volcano, boat tour, facts, mechanics, eruption, hike, etc. Keep reading.

Overview of Wizard Island at Crater Lake

Overview: The Wizard Island path offers a thrilling adventure for hikers, nature enthusiasts, and bird watchers, offering stunning views and opportunities for exploration. Best enjoyed from April to September, this hike is the highlight of a visit to Crater Lake, offering unforgettable experiences amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of the area.


  • Cleetwood Cove Path: The journey begins with a steep descent down the Cleetwood Cove Path to reach the boat dock on the lakeshore. Be prepared for a challenging uphill climb on the return journey.

  • Boat Tour: Access to Wizard Island is only possible via the Crater Lake Boat Tour. Choose between a half-day drop-off or a full-day stay, with the trail to the summit starting immediately upon disembarking from the boat.

  • Hiking Experience: The hike to the summit of Wizard Island takes approximately 45 minutes uphill and 35 minutes downhill, offering opportunities to immerse yourself in the incredible views and vivid blue waters of Crater Lake.

  • Fumarole Bay Trail: For those with extra time and energy, consider exploring part of the Fumarole Bay Trail. Note that this path can be challenging to traverse due to lava rock, and it may not lead to a suitable swimming location.

  • Scenic Swimming: Enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters of Wizard Island, with a convenient spot near the dock for a quick dip. Keep an eye out for fellow passengers who may be fishing for rainbow trout with artificial lures.

  • Full-Day Adventure: With approximately 6 miles of hiking and 1,500 feet of vertical gain across all three trails, a visit to Wizard Island promises a full-day adventure filled with excitement and exploration.

Trail Details:

  • Difficulty: Moderate to strenuous
  • Season: Best from April to September
  • Terrain: Steep sections, treacherous lava rocks, loose gravel, and switchbacks
  • Elevation Gain: Nearly 700 feet in less than a mile

Note: Proper preparation and hiking gear are essential for this challenging but rewarding adventure. Be sure to bring plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen, and appropriate footwear for a safe and enjoyable experience on Wizard Island.

Exploring Wizard Island’s Crater

Unique Experience: Standing atop a caldera within a caldera, Wizard Island offers a singular and unforgettable adventure. Descend 90 feet to the bottom of the island’s crater, following a worn path near the summit. From there, enjoy panoramic views of Crater Lake from within the crater as you loop around the summit.

Seclusion and Solitude: While the summit may attract moderate crowds, the rest of Wizard Island offers seclusion and solitude. Meander away from the apex to explore the island’s rocky beaches and secluded shoreline. Take caution, as much of the shoreline is steep and rocky, making diving in from the dock the safest option.

Swimming and Fishing: After your hike, cool off with a swim in the pristine waters of Crater Lake. Consider taking a dip near the dock, as the rocky shoreline may pose challenges for access. Fishing is also available, with kokanee salmon and rainbow trout being the two species present in the lake. No permit is required, but remember to use only artificial lures and flies and clean your catch away from the lake.

Trail Details:

  • Summit Descent: Descend 90 feet into the crater, following the worn path near the summit.
  • Scenic Loop: Enjoy panoramic views of Crater Lake as you loop around the summit crater.
  • Exploration: Wander away from the summit to explore the secluded areas of Wizard Island’s shoreline.
  • Swimming: Cool off with a swim in Crater Lake’s pristine waters, taking caution near the steep and rocky shoreline.
  • Fishing: Try your hand at fishing for kokanee salmon and rainbow trout, using only artificial lures and flies.

Note: While exploring Wizard Island’s crater and shoreline, be mindful of your surroundings and practice Leave No Trace principles to preserve the natural beauty of this unique landscape. Enjoy your adventure on Wizard Island!

Tips for Exploring Wizard Island

Return Transportation: Ensure you return in time for your shuttle boat ride back to the mainland to avoid getting stranded on Wizard Island. Shuttle boats will take you to the trailhead and pick you up later the same day. Note that camping is not permitted on the island.

Seasonal Access: The trail is typically open from mid-June (depending on snow melt) until the first week of September and is only accessible by boat. Plan your visit accordingly to take advantage of this limited window.

Trail Conditions: Be prepared for rocky terrain, especially on the Cove Trail, which can be hazardous. The so-called trail may not be clearly marked, and the terrain can be more akin to bouldering than hiking. Consider opting for the Peak Trail, which offers a well-maintained path and stunning views from the top.

Duration and Boat Ride: Keep in mind that you have a limited time window on the island, typically around three hours. Consider booking a longer boat ride if you wish to have more time to explore. Additionally, factor in extra time for walking to and from the boat dock to your parking area.

Enjoyment and Safety: Despite the rugged terrain, the hike offers incredible views and experiences. Take your time to soak in the magnificent scenery and snap some photos along the way. Ensure you wear appropriate footwear and bring plenty of water and snacks for the hike.

Trail Length and Additional Distance: While the trail itself is 2.1 miles, remember to account for the distance walked to and from the boat dock to your parking area. This additional distance should be factored into your overall hiking plans.

Share Your Experience: Share your hiking experience with others by posting photos and reviews. Your insights can help fellow hikers prepare for their adventure on Wizard Island.

Wizard Island Exploration Strategy

Boat Reservations: Make reservations for the boat tour to Wizard Island in advance, as they are recommended and can fill up quickly. You can reserve your spot at Crater Lake Volcano Boat Tours or purchase tickets at designated kiosks inside Crater Lake Lodge or Annie Creek Gift Shop at Mazama Village.

Ticket Selection: Ensure that your ticket allows you to debark at Wizard Island, as not all tickets offer this option. Some tours may offer a choice of three or six hours on the island, so select the tour time that best fits your preferences.

Arrive Early: Arrive at the Cleetwood Cove parking lot early, at least two hours before departure, to purchase your boat ticket. Boat rides can sell out fast, especially during peak times.

Trail to the Dock: From the parking lot, hike down the steep but manageable Class 1 trail for a little over a mile, descending approximately 700 feet in elevation. This trail leads to the dock at Cleetwood Cove, where you will board the boat for the journey to Wizard Island.

Boat Ride: Enjoy the scenic boat ride, which takes approximately an hour, as you cruise across the crystal-clear waters of Crater Lake. Marvel at the stunning views of the lake and surrounding landscape during the journey.

Arrival at Wizard Island: Upon arrival at Wizard Island’s Fumarole Bay dock, disembark from the boat and prepare for your exploration. The trailhead to the summit of Wizard Island is well-marked and easy to find from the dock.

Summit Trail: Follow the signed trailhead to begin your hike to the summit of Wizard Island. The trail offers breathtaking views and unique geological features along the way.

Wizard Island

Route Description: Wizard Island Summit Trail

Overview: The Wizard Island Summit Trail offers a unique opportunity to hike to the top of a cinder cone and explore the stunning views of Crater Lake from within the caldera. This well-signed trail is approximately one mile long and gains about 765 feet of elevation, reaching an elevation of 6,940 feet above sea level at the summit.

Trail Details:

  • Difficulty: Class 1
  • Length: Approximately 1 mile (round trip)
  • Elevation Gain: About 765 feet

Trail Conditions:

  • The trail is well-marked and easy to follow, but exercise caution due to rough lava and loose cinder along the path.
  • Wizard Island is a cinder cone, so expect rough terrain and loose volcanic rocks.
  • Once at the summit, the trail circumnavigates a small caldera known as the Witches Cauldron, providing unique geological features to explore.

Additional Activities:

  • After completing the hike, visitors can explore the rest of Wizard Island, swim in the lake (be prepared for cold water), scuba dive (with proper permits and equipment), and fish.
  • Keep an eye out for approaching boats from Cleetwood Cove to time your return trip accurately.

Tips for Hikers:

  • The trail is suitable for hikers of all ages, including children, but use caution on the rocky terrain.
  • Faster hikers can enjoy some solitude at the summit before the arrival of other visitors.
  • Be prepared for treacherous rockiness on the Fumerole Bay trail, and watch out for chipmunks who may try to steal your snacks.
  • Make boat reservations early, as they fill up quickly.

Recommended Gear:

  • Sturdy hiking shoes with good traction
  • Water and snacks
  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Camera to capture the breathtaking views

Note: The Wizard Island Summit Trail offers a peaceful and scenic hiking experience, allowing visitors to explore the unique geological features of this volcanic island in Crater Lake National Park.

Important Gear for Wizard Island Visit:

1. Clothing:

  • Dress in layers to accommodate changing temperatures and weather conditions.
  • Bring a windproof and waterproof jacket in case of rain or wind.
  • Wear sturdy hiking shoes with good traction for navigating rocky terrain.

2. Water and Hydration:

  • Carry an adequate supply of water to stay hydrated during your visit.
  • Consider bringing a reusable water bottle or hydration pack to refill as needed.

3. Sun Protection:

  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses to protect your face and eyes from the sun.
  • Apply sunscreen with a high SPF to exposed skin to prevent sunburn.

4. Rain Gear:

  • Pack a lightweight rain jacket or poncho in case of unexpected rain showers.
  • Consider bringing a waterproof cover for your backpack or gear to keep it dry.

5. Snacks and Food:

  • Bring along snacks and energy bars to fuel your hike and exploration on the island.
  • Consider packing a picnic lunch to enjoy during your visit.

6. Fishing Gear (Optional):

  • If you’re interested in fishing, bring your own fishing pole and tackle.
  • Check local regulations and guidelines for fishing in Crater Lake National Park.

7. Personal Items:

  • Carry any necessary personal items such as medication, first aid supplies, and toiletries.
  • Pack a small backpack or daypack to carry your essentials during your visit.

8. Other Considerations:

  • Be prepared for cooler temperatures and windy conditions on the island.
  • Plan your visit according to the boat schedule and ensure you have adequate time for exploration. Health books, guides, exercises, habits, Diets, and more
  • Remember that camping is not permitted on Wizard Island, so plan accordingly for a day trip.

Boat Tour Information:

Date & Time: Everyday, 9:45 AM to 1:45 PM, 12:45 PM to 5:45 PM
Fee Information:

  • Ages 13 and up: $57
  • Ages 3-12: $36

Contact Phone Number: 1-888-774-2728

Ensure you have all the necessary gear and information for a safe and enjoyable visit to Wizard Island in Crater Lake National Park.

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