Drury Falls

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The calm and serene Drury Falls, that comes out of Fall Creek is located in Washington. Anyone can visit the falls very easily is from US Highway 2 near Tumwater Canyon.

Drury Falls Description

Drury Falls is a tremendously underappreciated waterfall. Fall Creek is a fairly small stream that often runs dry by late August, however, throughout peak snowmelt, it produces a considerable quantity of water.

This is noteworthy as a result of Drury Falls is positioned in the place Fall Creek plunges over the rim of three,000 foot deep Tumwater Canyon simply outside of Leavenworth.

Virtually all motorists’ wandering eyes – when passing by through the right time of year – will gaze upon the spectacular 600 foot plunging higher tier of Drury Falls.

What most do not understand, nonetheless, is that the falls maintain dropping at least twice as far. Based on elevation profiles and topographic information, we have estimated the falls at simply under 1,270 feet tall, however, this relies tremendously on how far down the side of the canyon the bedrock extends.

The creek has carved a slim canyon close to the bottom of the falls, so the underside half of the falls is fairly nicely blocked from view from the freeway, however just a few areas alongside the side of the highway yield views of a portion of the second tier of the falls.

The only method to see all the waterfall is from the summit of Tumwater Mountain. While this summit is definitely attainable, it’s a long stroll and possibly not one thing the vast majority of passers-by would even contemplate endeavor.

Drury Falls Washington

Drury Falls Name and History

Drury Falls is the Official name of this waterfall.

Drury Falls was named for the Drury Station, previously positioned alongside the Great Northern Railway when it adopted the Wenatchee River by the canyon, a couple of miles south of the mouth of Fall Creek.

How to Visit Drury Falls

Drury Falls is most simply seen from the side of US 2 within the heart of Tumwater Canyon, about 3 miles east of the Tumwater Campground or 6 miles west of Leavenworth.

Parking shouldn’t be out there the place the falls are most simply seen, so one should stroll alongside side the freeway from pullouts roughly 500 feet in both courses from the mouth of Fall Creek.

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