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33 Best Things to Do in Everglades National Park, Florida

There are some awesome things to do in the Everglades National Park. Visiting the Everglades National Park is an invitation to explore the depths of a unique, unspoiled ecosystem while engaging in a diverse range of outdoor activities that will undoubtedly create lasting memories. This hidden gem offers a refreshing departure from the usual Florida attractions, revealing the unadulterated beauty and tranquility of nature’s masterpiece. This article will give an overview of things to do in the Everglades National Park.

Exploring the Unique Ecosystem of Everglades National Park

Nestled within the picturesque, sun-kissed southern tip of Florida, the vast expanse of the Everglades National Park stretches over an impressive 2,400 square miles. This incredible natural wonderland is a sanctuary for a truly unique and unparalleled ecosystem. Here, amidst the shimmering wetlands, you’ll discover an enchanting world like no other, brimming with flora and fauna that have adapted to thrive in the intricate, interwoven fabric of this expansive wilderness.

A Bounty of Activities Amidst Nature’s Grandeur

Visiting the Everglades National Park is akin to embarking on an adventure into the heart of nature’s grandeur, where the abundance of activities knows no bounds. The plethora of experiences that await within this vast realm is nothing short of extraordinary. As you delve into the depths of this wilderness, you’ll find an array of captivating pursuits that promise to leave an indelible mark on your soul.

The Hidden Gem: Everglades National Park

It’s quite astonishing that the Everglades National Park, often referred to as the “River of Grass,” remains one of Florida’s most underrated and underappreciated attractions. As you step foot into this pristine and unspoiled haven, you’ll quickly realize that it is a hidden gem, a treasure trove of natural wonders that beckon the curious traveler. The name “River of Grass” evokes images of a lush, watery wilderness that stretches as far as the eye can see, hinting at the rich tapestry of life concealed within its seemingly endless expanse.

Unparalleled Recreational Opportunities

While the Everglades National Park boasts a captivating ecosystem, it is not solely a spectator’s paradise; it is an unspoiled playground for outdoor enthusiasts. This unique sanctuary offers an array of activities and experiences that simply cannot be replicated elsewhere in the Sunshine State of Florida. Whether you’re a nature lover, a bird-watcher, an adventure seeker, or simply someone who revels in the serenity of the great outdoors, the Everglades has something to offer you.

An Adventure Beyond Theme Parks

In a state that is often synonymous with bustling theme parks and urban attractions, the Everglades stands as a tranquil oasis for those seeking a different kind of adventure. Here, the towering pine forests and winding shoreline paths beckon hikers and nature enthusiasts. And if that’s not enough to satisfy your craving for adventure, the shimmering waters of the Everglades invite you to embark on a canoeing or kayaking expedition, immersing yourself in the heart of this enchanting wilderness. Amidst this natural wonderland, the only amusement parks you’ll encounter are the ones designed by Mother Nature herself.

Location: Miami-Dade, Monroe, & Collier counties, Florida, United States
Nearest city: Florida City Everglades City
Coordinates: 25°18′45″N 80°41′15″W
Area: 1,508,976 acres (6,106.61 km2) 1,508,243 acres (2,356.6 sq mi) federal

Things to do in the Everglades National Park

Ranging from Lake Okeechobee, this UNESCO World Heritage Web site of slow-moving water is 60 miles broad and 100 miles lengthy.  Principally lined by a prairie of razor-sharp sawgrass, the broad circulation is damaged by occasional hardwood hammocks as soon as inhabited by Seminole Indians. Here are some of the amazing things to do in the Everglades National Park:

1. A Unique Triathlon: Paddling Through the Everglades

The Everglades, with its unique and awe-inspiring landscape, offers an extraordinary twist to the traditional triathlon experience. Instead of the conventional swimming segment, participants are presented with the captivating opportunity to canoe or kayak through this one-of-a-kind ecosystem, creating an adventure that is as exhilarating as it is distinctive.

Immersing oneself in the Everglades Triathlon is an experience that beckons all year round, promising a journey of discovery amidst a captivating and pristine setting. For fitness enthusiasts, the triathlon includes a 15-mile cycling segment, a three-mile hike, and a slightly over three-mile paddle. This exhilarating combination of activities allows participants to delve deep into the heart of the Everglades, uncovering hidden gems that often elude casual visitors.

As you embark on this unique triathlon, you will find yourself in a world brimming with lush vegetation, exotic wildlife, and the tranquility of the waterways. The soothing rhythm of your paddle cutting through the glassy waters, the vibrant flora adorning the landscape, and the melodic symphony of the Everglades’ wildlife all contribute to an unforgettable experience that transcends the ordinary.

In this triathlon, the boundaries between human endeavor and natural beauty blur, forging a connection with the Everglades that is both physically demanding and spiritually enriching. It’s an adventure that redefines the traditional notion of triathlon, offering participants the chance to become one with a captivating and unspoiled environment.

2. John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park: A Marine Paradise

Nestled in the heart of Florida, the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park stands as a testament to the state’s commitment to preserving its natural wonders. This magnificent Florida State Park is situated on the enchanting Key Largo, a coral cay in the southernmost part of the Florida Keys, bestowing it with a picturesque location that captivates all who visit. Spanning across an impressive expanse of approximately 70 nautical square miles, the park seamlessly merges with the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean, creating a mesmerizing sanctuary for marine enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Notably, this park holds the distinction of being an integral part of the Everglades National Park, offering visitors a diverse range of activities to indulge in.

The park’s geographical sprawl is nothing short of impressive, stretching approximately 25 miles from one end to another and extending an awe-inspiring three miles into the vast embrace of the Atlantic Ocean. A landmark in the realm of conservation and ecotourism, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park holds the distinction of being the first underwater park in the United States. Its historical significance is further underscored by its inclusion in the National Register of Historic Locations on April 14, 1972, cementing its place as a cherished heritage site.

However, what truly sets this park apart is the captivating coral reefs that grace its underwater realm. These intricate and vibrant ecosystems serve as a cradle for a rich tapestry of marine life. Coral formations, teeming with an astonishing variety of fish, create an underwater spectacle that leaves visitors in awe. In the fiscal year 2004, the park welcomed more than a million visitors, asserting its status as the crown jewel in the Florida State Parks system. The allure of these coral reefs is undeniable, and they serve as a compelling reminder of the importance of preserving our natural treasures.

Intriguingly, the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park shares a unique distinction with the Flower Garden Banks in the Gulf of Mexico off the Texas coast, as the only living coral reef formations within the continental United States. It stands as a testament to the fragile beauty of our underwater ecosystems, beckoning all who seek to explore and protect this mesmerizing world beneath the waves.

3. Theater of the Sea: A Marine Wonderland

Established in 1946, Theater of the Sea is a true marvel among tourist attractions, nestled in the picturesque Village of Islamorada, Florida. Situated in the heart of the Florida Keys, specifically on the enchanting Windley Key, this marine mammal park has earned its reputation as a captivating and educational destination. It invites visitors to delve into the enchanting world of marine life and offers an array of thrilling experiences.

One of the park’s crown jewels is the opportunity to swim with the majestic Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, frolic alongside playful California sea lions, and even come face-to-face with stingrays and nurse sharks. These close encounters with these marine marvels offer a unique opportunity to forge a connection with the world beneath the waves. The entertainment factor is elevated as dolphins gracefully leap through hoops and ring bells, leaving the audience in awe of their intelligence and agility.

The 17-acre expanse of the park unfolds as a treasure trove of biodiversity. Exotic birds, lizards, crocodilians, sea turtles, tropical fish, sport fish, and sharks coexist in a harmonious ecosystem. Additionally, short cruises and bottomless boat rides provide visitors with a chance to explore the enchanting waters surrounding Windley Key, offering a unique perspective on the marine world.

What sets Theater of the Sea apart is its commitment to ecological conservation. The park actively engages in conservation programs and initiatives, exemplified by the groundbreaking first artificial flipper transplant performed on a sea turtle. This dedication to preserving and protecting marine life serves as an inspiration for both visitors and the wider community.

4. Anhinga Trail: Nature’s Theater in the Everglades

Tucked away in the sprawling Everglades National Park, the Anhinga Trail stands as a testament to nature’s grandeur and theatrical displays. Located just four miles from the park’s entrance, this enchanting trail commences its journey at the Royal Palm Visitor Center, promising a captivating experience for all who tread its well-trodden path. A carefully designed paved walkway and an intricate boardwalk gracefully traverse the Taylor Slough, unveiling a captivating freshwater sawgrass marsh that seems plucked from the pages of a naturalist’s dream.

As you traverse the Anhinga Trail, you’ll find yourself immersed in a mesmerizing world teeming with diverse wildlife. Gaze upon the resident alligators, basking languidly in the sun, or observe the graceful movements of turtles gliding through the tranquil waters. Above, in the azure skies, anhingas, herons, and egrets perform an avian ballet, captivating onlookers with their elegance. It comes as no surprise that the Anhinga Trail has earned its rightful place as one of the most cherished and frequently trodden paths within the Everglades National Park.

A notable moment in the trail’s history occurred on November 5, 1996, when it was bestowed with the honor of being added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Locations. However, the Anhinga Trail’s fame extends beyond this recognition, for in 2003, it became the stage for a gripping spectacle that would captivate the world. Here, travelers were witness to an epic struggle, a 24-hour saga of survival, between an alligator and a Burmese python. The dramatic climax unfolded when a larger alligator joined the battle, allowing the beleaguered snake to escape, marking a riveting chapter in the Everglades’ ecological story.

This unique encounter brought the spotlight to the proliferation of the Burmese python, an invasive species, within the Everglades. Video and news coverage of this remarkable encounter spread like wildfire, igniting global curiosity about the delicate balance of nature in this extraordinary wilderness.

5. Fabulous Fishing Adventures

While the Everglades National Park is renowned for its dedicated efforts to safeguard the myriad species that inhabit its million-acre expanse, it also offers an enticing opportunity for angling enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the age-old art of fishing. Whether your preference is to cast your line along the pristine coastal waters or within the serene embrace of the freshwater habitats, the Everglades presents a veritable playground for those who appreciate the thrill of the catch.

Within the park’s boundaries, anglers can pursue a variety of species, with snapper, trout, and bass standing as some of the most sought-after trophies. The beauty of fishing in the Everglades lies not only in the diversity of its aquatic inhabitants but also in the flexibility it offers. Whether you choose to cast your line from the solid ground or venture out onto the park’s glistening waters in a boat, there are numerous opportunities to enjoy a day of reflection and relaxation.

Of course, it’s essential to adhere to the park’s regulations and guidelines to ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem, but with the right preparations and a touch of patience, you’re almost guaranteed a rewarding day on the water. So, for those who relish the idea of casting a line amid such natural splendor, the Everglades National Park offers a fabulous fishing experience that’s sure to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of anglers from all walks of life.

6. Exploring the Ten Thousand Islands

Nestled along the serene coastline of southwest Florida, a hidden gem known as the Ten Thousand Islands beckons adventurers and nature enthusiasts to uncover its intriguing secrets. These islands, and their accompanying mangrove islets, stretch from Cape Romano to the mouth of the Lostman’s River, creating a picturesque mosaic in the heart of the Everglades National Park. The archipelago boasts a distinct charm, offering visitors a diverse range of activities and scenic wonders to explore. The islands are more than just a geographical formation; they are a gateway to an enchanting natural world.

Some of these islands reveal themselves during low tide as sandy patches amid the glistening waters, adding to the allure of this unique destination. These submerged shorelines, akin to natural mirages, become one of the most sought-after experiences within the Everglades National Park. There is a sense of discovery as you tread upon these exposed wonders, stepping onto what was once concealed beneath the waves. It is a must-do activity that allows you to engage with the dynamic environment of the Everglades.

The Ten Thousand Islands are not just a random assortment of landmasses; they have intriguing origin stories. Some of these islands owe their existence to the relentless march of mangroves. These hardy trees have managed to stake their claim on what were once barren oyster bars, transforming them into thriving pockets of life. The islands here come into existence through a unique blend of nature’s ingenuity and time’s patient artistry. However, irrespective of their creation, each of these islets contributes to the captivating tapestry of the Ten Thousand Islands, ensuring that no two are quite alike.

7. Unveiling the Calusa Heritage

To truly understand the Ten Thousand Islands and the Everglades National Park, one must delve into the rich history of the Calusa, the indigenous people who inhabited this region long before the arrival of outsiders. The Calusa’s legacy is an integral part of the area’s identity, and those eager to learn more about their culture and heritage will find an array of opportunities. Guided walks through the Ten Thousand Island region and Pineland, in particular, offer a fascinating glimpse into the history and traditions of the Calusa.

For those seeking an ideal time to immerse themselves in the history of the Calusa, the month of March proves to be the most propitious. During this time, a series of free events and activities are organized, drawing visitors closer to the enigmatic past of the region. The Calusa Heritage Trail in Pineland is a year-round treasure trove of knowledge and insight, ready to be explored. With its abundant resources and immersive experiences, it provides a valuable opportunity to uncover the secrets of the past, connecting the dots between ancient cultures and the present.

8. Geocaching: An Adventure in the Everglades

If you haven’t yet embarked on the exciting journey of geocaching, it’s high time you discovered the thrill of this modern treasure hunt. The Everglades National Park trail is the perfect setting for this exhilarating adventure. Geocaching offers not only a chance to engage in a captivating quest but also serves as an excellent excuse to venture outdoors, immersing oneself in the pristine wilderness of southern Florida.

The process is remarkably straightforward: free registration is all that’s needed. Armed with a smartphone or GPS device, you are ready to embark on a captivating journey throughout the Everglades. As you search for hidden treasures, you’ll simultaneously unravel the ecological wonders and wildlife that inhabit this unique landscape. It’s a delightful blend of adventure and education, where the thrill of discovery meets the opportunity to learn about the environment.

For families, geocaching in the Everglades offers an exceptional opportunity to create lasting memories. Younger members of your group can become temporary Everglades National Park rangers for a day, an experience that is as close to perfection as it gets. They can actively participate in the hunt for geocaches, while simultaneously absorbing knowledge about the park’s unique ecosystem. This family-friendly activity fosters a sense of wonder and discovery, ensuring that everyone, young and old, is captivated by the magic of the Everglades.

9. Long Key State Park: A Natural Oasis in the Florida Keys

Long Key State Park, a veritable jewel within the heart of the captivating Florida Keys, is a sprawling sanctuary that stretches across a vast expanse of 965 pristine acres in Monroe County, Florida, nestled in the United States. This idyllic park, with its beguiling location at mile marker 67.5 along the iconic U.S. 1, famously known as the 67400 Overseas Highway, extends a warm invitation to all ardent nature enthusiasts and adventurous souls to immerse themselves in the serenity it offers. What truly sets Long Key State Park apart is its remarkable ecological diversity, which stands as a testament to the untamed splendor of this unique island chain. Here, nature’s artistry is on full display, beckoning visitors to explore and appreciate the intricacies of this pristine wilderness.

10. Indian Key Historic State Park: A Glimpse into Florida’s Past

Indian Key Historic State Park is a captivating island within the vast Florida State Park system, strategically located just a stone’s throw away from U.S. 1 within the enchanting Florida Keys. This intriguing park is a portal to the past, offering a glimpse into the history of the region. In the 19th century, Indian Key was a bustling town, but today, it stands as an uninhabited ghost town, with echoes of its bygone days resonating through its desolate streets. The island is a magnet for curious tourists who come to explore the archaeological remains, peeling back the layers of time to reveal the foundations of the historic structures that once thrived here. The significance of this site is underlined by its inclusion on the National Register of Historic Locations, a distinction bestowed upon it in 1972.

Best Things to Do in Everglades National Park, Florida

11. Anne’s Beach: A Tranquil Haven Dedicated to Nature

Nestled on the picturesque Lower Matecumbe Key in Florida, Anne’s Beach stands as a testament to the commitment of the local community to environmental preservation. Named in honor of Anne Eaton, a dedicated environmentalist, this beach is not only a testament to her legacy but also one of the premier attractions within the Everglades National Park. The convenience of access is noteworthy, with two parking lots strategically positioned approximately a quarter-mile apart along the U.S. 1 at MM 73. As visitors step onto Anne’s Beach, they are greeted by a shallow swimming area, thoughtfully shaded picnic tables, a meandering boardwalk, and well-maintained restroom facilities, ensuring that nature and comfort coexist harmoniously.

Unlike many other beaches in the area, Anne’s Beach graces the Atlantic Ocean’s shores, yet offers a unique experience due to the almost complete absence of waves. This peculiarity can be attributed to the broad expanse of shallow water that characterizes Florida Keys beaches. The waters here remain clear and warm throughout the year, inviting beachgoers to luxuriate under the sun for hours on end. Notably, the sandbar here is composed of calcium carbonate, lending an exceptional quality to the beach.

Anne’s Beach also holds a special place in the hearts of kiteboarders. Its broad and shallow waters create an ideal learning environment for those new to the sport. Here, the sport of kiteboarding can be mastered with ease, thanks to the tranquil and shallow waters.

Regrettably, Anne’s Beach is presently closed due to the devastating impact of Hurricane Irma. The hurricane left in its wake substantial damage, with much of the beach, the entire boardwalk and various structures succumbing to its fury. However, the resilient spirit of this beautiful beach continues to shine through the challenges it faces, promising a brighter future and the eventual reopening of its inviting shores to visitors.

12. Homestead Entrance: Discovering the Gateway to the Everglades

As you approach the entrance to Homestead, the southern gateway to the expansive Everglades National Park, a world of adventure and natural wonder unfurls before you. The possibilities are vast, offering a myriad of experiences that will immerse you in the heart of this unique ecosystem. Upon arrival, one of the first places to explore is the Anhinga Path, a picturesque boardwalk that winds through the lush landscape, allowing you to get up close and personal with one of the Everglades’ most iconic residents—the alligator. These ancient reptiles can be spotted basking in the sun, and their formidable presence is both awe-inspiring and humbling.

As you delve deeper into this enchanting landscape, you’ll come across the Nike Missile Base Historic Site, an intriguing piece of history nestled within the wilderness of the Everglades. It serves as a poignant reminder of the Cold War era, offering visitors a chance to explore its secrets and learn about the region’s military past.

Continuing your journey, you can choose to meander along the highway, where you’ll find numerous scenic overlooks and inviting trails that beckon you to explore further. The park’s visitor center, staffed by friendly experts, is there to assist you in planning your day’s activities. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a first-time visitor, their advice will help you make the most of your time in this natural paradise.

For those who seek an even more immersive experience, the park offers a campground where you can spend the night, allowing you to truly connect with the untamed spirit of the Everglades. However, for the more adventurous, there’s a unique activity known as “slough slogging.” Although we chose not to partake in this particular adventure, it’s said to involve traversing through the waterlogged terrain, and it’s an option for those who desire a deeper, albeit wetter, exploration of the Everglades. However, be forewarned, for in these waters, you may encounter the ever-watchful presence of alligators. For us, witnessing these awe-inspiring creatures from a safe distance was adventure enough.

13. Pet an Alligator: A Close Encounter with the Ancient Reptiles

For those with a sense of daring and a yearning to experience the thrill of getting up close and personal with alligators, the Everglades Alligator Farm stands as the ultimate destination. It’s an opportunity to interact with these prehistoric creatures that have roamed the Earth for eons.

This unique establishment boasts a staggering population of more than 2,000 alligators, offering an unmatched experience in witnessing these reptiles in their natural habitat. For a truly immersive adventure, the alligator feeding demonstration is a must-see spectacle. It provides visitors with a fascinating insight into the feeding behaviors and remarkable agility of these creatures.

However, the pinnacle of this experience is undoubtedly the “Alligator Encounter.” Here, you have the rare privilege of holding a baby alligator in your hands, feeling its rough, scaly skin, and marveling at the intricacies of its anatomy. If you wish to go a step further, for a fee of $69.50, you can even partake in the unforgettable experience of feeding these ancient giants. It’s a chance to witness their power and grace up close, an adventure that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on your memory.

14. Birdwatching & Wildlife Viewing: A Symphony of Nature’s Beauty

The Everglades National Park is not just about the awe-inspiring alligators; it’s a sanctuary for a remarkable array of wildlife, making it a dream destination for nature enthusiasts. As you explore the vast expanse of the park, you may encounter some of the region’s most elusive and iconic inhabitants.

This unique ecosystem is home to the gentle manatee, the graceful deer, the enigmatic black bear, and the elusive Florida Panther. While the panthers are typically nocturnal creatures and can be challenging to spot, the Everglades offers numerous opportunities to catch glimpses of these incredible animals during your visit. Witnessing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat is a privilege that few places on Earth can offer.

For avid birdwatchers, the Everglades is a true paradise. Two specific locations, 9 Mile Pond and the Mrazek Pond, serve as nesting grounds for a plethora of avian species. Here, you can observe the elegant wooden storks, the vibrant roseate spoonbills, the specialized snail kite, and an assortment of ducks in their element. The sheer diversity of birdlife in the Everglades provides a captivating symphony of colors and calls, offering countless opportunities for birdwatchers to observe and photograph these winged wonders in their natural habitat. It’s an experience that will deepen your appreciation for the rich tapestry of life that thrives in this unique wilderness.

15. Airboat Tours in The Everglades

When one thinks of the Everglades National Park, images of vast, murky wetlands and elusive wildlife come to mind. And what better way to immerse oneself in this remarkable ecosystem than embarking on an exhilarating airboat tour? These iconic watercraft, with their giant fan propellers, offer a thrilling and one-of-a-kind journey through the park’s labyrinthine waters, where American alligators lurk beneath the surface. A skilled airboat captain doubles as your knowledgeable guide, providing an insightful lesson on the local wildlife that calls this watery wilderness home.

As the airboat propels itself through the park’s intricate swamps, it can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour, making your journey truly heart-pounding. Yes, it can be a bit noisy, but no worries – they’ve got you covered with protective ear headsets. These boats are designed to glide gracefully over the surface, minimizing disturbances to the delicate ecosystem. They are capable of spinning 180 degrees and coming to abrupt halts, allowing intrepid tourists to get up close and personal with a bird’s nest or snap a photograph of a sunbathing alligator.

For those seeking this adventure, you’ll find numerous opportunities along the Tamiami Trail (U.S. 41) where enticing advertisements for airboat tours and the authentic Miccosukee Indian village beckon. Many of the experienced local guides are of Native American descent, boasting an intimate knowledge of the area that goes beyond the standard tour. And if you’re in the mood for a little souvenir shopping, you can purchase handmade beads and crafts while learning about the unique way of life in the Everglades.

Everglades City serves as the launchpad for a plethora of airboat rides, swamp buggy tours, daring alligator shows, and sanctuaries for the native wildlife. If you’ve ever dreamt of holding a baby gator, you can make that dream come true at Everglades attractions like Wooten’s in Ochopee, Florida. So, embark on this airboat adventure and experience the raw, untamed beauty of the Everglades for yourself.

16. Go Hiking: A Journey on Foot

While water-based activities often steal the spotlight in the Everglades, don’t forget to lace up your hiking boots and explore this natural wonderland on foot. Hiking enthusiasts can meander along short interpretive trails that wind their way through the park, offering the chance to savor the environment at their own leisurely pace.

The Everglades boasts a network of enchanting trails, each with its own unique charm. The Anhinga Trail beckons with its abundant birdlife and alligator sightings, while the Gumbo Limbo Trail immerses hikers in a world of tropical hammocks and towering trees. For a change of scenery, the Mahogany Hammock Trail leads you through a lush hardwood forest, and the Pinelands Trail offers a captivating journey through pine forests and wildflower-dotted meadows.

But hiking in the Everglades isn’t limited to just these well-trodden paths. The Oasis Visitor Center, perched on the Tamiami Trail, is the starting point for over 40 miles of hiking trails that meander through the vast expanse of the Big Cypress National Preserve. If you’re yearning for a panoramic view of the Everglades, make your way to the Shark Valley Visitor Center on U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail). Here, a 15-mile loop road takes you to a 65-foot observation tower, offering breathtaking vistas of the unique landscape.

For a more personal connection with the wildlife, consider renting bicycles or joining a guided Everglades bicycle tour. An early morning hike can introduce you to wild deer, otters, turtles, and gators in their natural habitat. And if hiking under the sweltering sun isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry; there’s a Shark Valley Tram Tour, ensuring that you can experience this Everglades gem in comfort.

17. Kayaking: Paddling the Watery Wilderness

Kayaking in the Everglades is like navigating through a liquid labyrinth, offering a unique and serene perspective of this pristine wilderness. Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or a novice, there are a multitude of options available to explore the marshes, open waters, and winding channels of the park.

Visitors have the choice to bring their canoe or kayak, or they can opt to rent one from the Flamingo Marina or the Gulf Coast Visitor Center, ensuring that you’re equipped for your aquatic adventure. Two prime locations to embark on your kayaking journey are the 9 Mile Pond and the slightly more challenging Hell’s Bay.

For those seeking a quieter, more introspective experience in the Everglades, renting a canoe or kayak is the perfect choice. As you paddle along, you’ll be serenaded by the melodious sounds of birds and the subtle rustling of wildlife. Some of the best birdwatching spots can be found at Snake Bight and Frank Cay. Alternatively, the Flamingo Marina provides access to Coot Bay and the nearby Bear Lake Canoe Trail.

If you find yourself in Everglades City, you’ll discover easy access to the mangrove-covered cays and waterways known as the Ten Thousand Islands. For the truly adventurous, you can explore the 100-mile-long Wilderness Waterway from Flamingo, either by kayak, canoe, or motor-powered boat. Besides the exciting wildlife encounters, this area is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts, offering ample opportunities to reel in the catch of the day. So, grab your paddle and immerse yourself in the enchanting aquatic world of the Everglades.

18. Camp and Stay the Night in the Everglades National Park

Within the vast expanse of the Everglades National Park, there lies a plethora of options for those seeking to embrace the serenity of the great outdoors. Adventurous visitors have the choice to bring their own RVs and set up camp at either the Flamingo Campground or the Lengthy Pine Key Campground, both of which offer a unique gateway into the heart of this natural wonder.

Furthermore, for those with a penchant for more traditional camping, there are numerous designated campsites available for tent enthusiasts, providing an opportunity to immerse themselves in the untamed beauty of the Everglades. To secure a spot for the night, visitors are required to pay a nominal fee, conveniently facilitated at the entrance’s charge station, situated in the charming town of Homestead.

19. Explore the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation

For those with a desire to delve deeper into the cultural tapestry of the region, a visit to the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation is an absolute must on their Everglades itinerary. This unique experience offers a captivating insight into the indigenous traditions of the Seminole Tribe, adding a layer of cultural richness to one’s exploration of the Everglades National Park.

Nestled deep within the park, the reservation is home to the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum, which houses a staggering collection of 30,000 historical artifacts that belong to the tribe. Visitors can marvel at these tangible remnants of the past and gain a profound appreciation for the tribe’s heritage. Beyond the museum, guests can witness the craftsmanship of tribal artisans as they skillfully engage in traditional practices such as basket-weaving and bead-working, bringing the vibrant culture of the Seminole people to life.

20. Embark on a Tram Tour through Shark Valley

A tram tour through the iconic Shark Valley is an exhilarating endeavor that promises an informative and immersive experience within the Everglades National Park. The narrated tram journey unfolds along a picturesque 15-minute loop, guiding visitors through the park’s enchanting grasslands. This educational excursion offers a captivating glimpse into the incredibly diverse array of animals and plant life that call this unique ecosystem home.

The tour’s expert commentary provides valuable insights, enriching the understanding of the park’s ecological significance. However, it is important to note that the open-air tram, while perfect for families, can fill up quickly, especially during the peak season stretching from November to April. Hence, making reservations in advance is highly advisable to secure your spot on this enlightening voyage. As a bonus, visitors who embark on this tram tour gain exclusive access to the Shark Valley Observation Tower, an architectural marvel that affords sweeping panoramic views of the surrounding natural splendor, allowing for a deeper appreciation of the Everglades’ breathtaking vistas.

21. Bicycling in the Everglades National Park

Exploring the captivating beauty of the Everglades National Park from the saddle of a bicycle is an experience like no other. Within this vast and unique ecosystem, certain areas stand out as prime destinations for cyclists seeking adventure and natural wonders. These include Shark Valley, the Snake Bight Path near Flamingo, and the scenic Long Pine Key Nature Trail.

When you embark on a cycling adventure in these areas, you are granted the opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of the Everglades, where the dense mangroves envelop you in a lush, untamed landscape. It’s an exhilarating way to observe the park’s wildlife and immerse yourself in its wild beauty. This cycling adventure will take you deeper into the Everglades than most conventional trekking tours, offering a unique and awe-inspiring perspective on this ecological wonder.

For those who might be novices in the realm of cycling or have never handled a spray deck or grasped a paddle, fear not, as canoeing in the Everglades National Park offers an accessible and tranquil entry into the wonders of this place. Water trails such as 9 Mile Pond, Noble Hammock, and Hells Bay provide an ideal starting point for beginners. The calm waters and scenic surroundings make canoeing a serene and memorable experience for all who venture into the Everglades.

22. Bird Watching: A Tranquil Encounter with Avian Beauty

Birdwatching in the Everglades National Park is a pastime that rewards enthusiasts with moments of pure serenity and awe. Whether you catch sight of a solitary, majestic great blue heron or find yourself surrounded by a multitude of graceful roseate spoonbills, birdwatching is undoubtedly one of the most gratifying activities to partake in within the park.

The Everglades, with its unique combination of ecosystems, hosts a diverse and vibrant avian population that captivates birdwatchers with its sheer diversity. The tranquility and solitude of the park allow for a deep connection with nature, and as you observe these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, a profound appreciation for the delicate balance of life in the Everglades dawns upon you.

23. Flamingo: The Hidden Gem of the Everglades

Venturing deep into the heart of the Everglades National Park, one eventually encounters Flamingo, a remote and enchanting outpost located approximately 38 miles from the park’s entrance in Homestead. This secluded destination, which may feel like the edge of the world, possesses a charm that is wholly distinct from the bustling vibrancy of Miami. In fact, it is so un-Miami that one can even camp in this pristine wilderness.

The options for exploration in Flamingo are as varied as they are captivating. Visitors can rent kayaks, canoes, houseboats, pontoon boats, or bicycles, each mode of transport offering its own unique way to experience the natural wonders of the park. The presence of a public boat ramp opens up possibilities for adventure, and if you lack your own vessel, you can embark on a guided boat tour for half a day or just a few hours, ensuring you do not miss any of the breathtaking scenery.

As you navigate the waters around Flamingo, keep a keen eye out for the gentle giants of the park, manatees, who frequently grace the marina with their presence. Moreover, the observant and fortunate visitor may even catch a glimpse of one of the Everglades’ elusive and awe-inspiring inhabitants: the American crocodile. This secluded outpost of Flamingo beckons those with a spirit of adventure and a yearning for the untamed beauty of the Everglades.

24. Exploring the Everglades by Boat

One of the most captivating ways to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of the Everglades is by venturing out on the water. The vast expanse of this unique national park presents an interesting dilemma: many of its hidden gems are best explored via waterways. Thus, boating emerges as a preferred option to truly experience the wonders concealed within the heart of the Everglades.

Whether you are the proud owner of a boat, renting one for the occasion, or opting for one of the exhilarating tours departing from the picturesque locales of Flamingo and the Gulf Coast, boating becomes your gateway to the untamed wilderness. The Everglades National Park’s intricate network of waterways renders boating as one of the finest means of transportation. From the crystal waters of the Gulf Coast to the serene White Water Bay, this immersive journey offers you an unparalleled opportunity to observe the rich tapestry of wildlife and wetlands, all in the manner that Mother Nature intended.

It’s not merely the freedom of navigating these waterways that makes boating in the Everglades so special. Most guided tours thoughtfully include the expertise of a seasoned ranger or a knowledgeable captain on board. This ensures that your voyage is not just a scenic ride but an enlightening educational experience. As you glide through the park’s intricate waterways, you’ll have the chance to absorb a wealth of information about the region, all while basking in the warm glow of the Florida sun. The intertwining of education and enjoyment creates a truly unforgettable adventure.

25. Camping in the Heart of Nature

For those seeking a more intimate and immersive experience within the Everglades, camping emerges as an appealing option. The national park accommodates both front-country and backcountry camping, ensuring that every nature enthusiast’s preferences are catered to.

Front country camping options are available at Long Pine Key and Flamingo campgrounds. Here, you’ll find the essential amenities that enhance your outdoor experience – drinking water, picnic tables, grills for cooking, well-maintained restrooms, and dedicated sites for tents and trailers. The convenience of showers and electrical hookups is a bonus at Flamingo, ensuring your camping experience doesn’t compromise on comfort. These well-equipped campgrounds offer a serene retreat, allowing you to bask in the raw beauty of the Everglades while enjoying the conveniences of modern life.

However, if you’re looking for a more adventurous and secluded experience, the Everglades’ backcountry camping is a true gem. Primitive campsites and beachfront locations are accessible through the vast watery wilderness of the Everglades. This option grants you a unique opportunity to connect with nature in its purest form. As you set up camp amidst the lush mangroves and tranquil shores, you’ll find yourself truly enveloped by the Everglades’ natural splendor.

26. Canoeing and Kayaking: A Silent Journey

The Everglades National Park reveals a completely different world when you embark on a silent journey through its intricate waterways in a canoe or kayak. These vessels offer you a remarkable vantage point to observe the park’s diverse wildlife and lush vegetation, often up close and personal. The thrill of potentially encountering a formidable ‘gator adds an extra layer of excitement to this adventurous pursuit.

One of the most famous routes for canoeing and kayaking in the Everglades is the Wilderness Waterway. Stretching an impressive 99 miles in length, this water trail offers a truly immersive experience that takes approximately 7 to 10 days to complete. During this journey, you’ll traverse an ever-changing landscape, from dense mangrove tunnels to expansive open bays, all while being enveloped by the soothing rhythm of the water. However, for those seeking shorter adventures, numerous well-marked trails exist, ensuring that both novices and experienced paddlers can explore the Everglades at their own pace.

As you silently paddle through these tranquil waters, you’ll gain a profound appreciation for the park’s unique ecosystem. The hush of the gliding canoe or kayak allows you to become one with the surroundings, granting you an unrivaled opportunity to witness the Everglades’ flora and fauna in their natural state. The Everglades National Park, with its myriad waterways, beckons those who seek serenity, adventure, and an unparalleled connection with the wild.

27. Geocaching: A Modern-Day Outdoor Treasure Hunt in Everglades National Park

Geocaching, an exhilarating real-world adventure, transforms Everglades National Park into an open-air treasure trove waiting to be discovered. Participants, known as geocachers, embark on a high-tech scavenger hunt using GPS-enabled devices to track down hidden containers, cleverly concealed in the park’s diverse terrain. The allure of geocaching lies not only in the thrill of the hunt but also in the opportunity to document and share their experiences online, forging connections with fellow adventurers.

As you traverse the sprawling expanse of this unique wilderness, uncovering geocaches becomes a fascinating way to delve into the untamed beauty of Everglades National Park. In the heart of Florida’s wilderness, geocaching stands as an engaging and modern pursuit, redefining the essence of exploration amidst nature’s splendor.

28. Educational Ranger Tours: An Enlightening Sojourn Through Everglades National Park

Venturing into Everglades National Park with the guidance of a seasoned ranger opens up a world of possibilities. These ranger-led tours not only grant you the chance to explore the park’s enigmatic landscapes but also provide invaluable opportunities to pose questions, gain insights, and unearth hidden gems that might elude independent exploration. Navigating the vast expanses of Shark Valley, Flamingo, and Royal Palm, you’ll encounter superb visitor centers, serving as gateways to an array of informative resources. By delving into the tour schedule and registering for the next available expedition, you’ll embark on an educational journey that transcends conventional sightseeing, unveiling the park’s ecological intricacies and historical significance.

29. Biscayne National Park: A Subaquatic Paradise Adjacent to the Everglades

While Everglades National Park is celebrated for its terrestrial wonders, the aquatic splendor of Biscayne Bay lies just beyond its borders, offering a captivating escape into a realm of vibrant marine life and coral reefs. Anyone yearning for an underwater adventure can readily turn their attention to Biscayne National Park, a jewel in the South Florida landscape. Renowned as one of the United States’ premier dive and snorkel destinations, Biscayne Bay beckons with its pristine waters, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world of undersea enchantment.

Although Biscayne NP technically exists outside the bounds of Everglades National Park, it remains an enticing destination for those exploring the southern reaches of Florida. From submerged shipwrecks that tell tales of maritime history to the kaleidoscopic dances of tropical fish, offshore diving and snorkeling stand as a sublime way to while away a day, creating memories as vivid and diverse as the sea life that thrives beneath the surface.

30. Slough Slogging: Exploring the Wetlands of Everglades National Park

If you’re ready to embrace a truly immersive experience in the Everglades National Park, consider venturing off the beaten path and indulging in some slough slogging. This unconventional form of hiking, known for its muddy challenges, brings you into close proximity with the park’s more elusive and fascinating species, making it a unique and unforgettable activity within the park.

For those who relish the idea of your feet sinking into the soft, squelchy embrace of the wetlands or are eager to test out a pair of brand-new waders, slough slogging in the Everglades is an adventure well worth pursuing. It provides an exceptional opportunity to intimately connect with the captivating landscapes of southern Florida. If you happen to be passing by the Ernest Coe visitor center, don’t miss the chance to inquire about when the next River of Grass slog is scheduled, as this is an activity that should not be missed.

This exceptional activity invites you to wade through water, sometimes up to your knees, basking in the warmth of the Florida sun while being surrounded by the untamed beauty of the Everglades.

31. Tours: Guided Explorations of Everglades National Park

In addition to ranger-led activities, there are several other avenues to enjoy a guided tour through the expansive Everglades National Park. These guided tours offer visitors a unique and enriching way to discover the park’s hidden gems and secrets. Ticket for Events

Experienced concession boat captains expertly narrate boat tours along the mangrove-laden coasts of both Flamingo and the Gulf Coast. These tours not only provide an opportunity to appreciate the mesmerizing scenery but also offer insightful commentary about the park’s rich natural history.

For those who prefer to explore terra firma, Tram Tour naturalists serve as knowledgeable guides, aiding in your exploration of the Shark River Slough. Their expertise can turn your visit into an educational and enlightening journey through one of the park’s most remarkable ecosystems.

32. Wildlife Viewing: A Bounty of Natural Wonders

Everglades National Park is a veritable treasure trove of diverse and captivating wildlife. From the awe-inspiring presence of mighty alligators to the delicate and minuscule mosquito fish, the park boasts a plethora of freshwater, brackish, and saltwater species that call this unique environment home.

Visitors are encouraged to seek out a park ranger for the latest wildlife sightings, ensuring you don’t miss any exciting encounters. Be sure to have your camera at the ready, as the Everglades offer boundless opportunities for capturing stunning moments of nature’s wonders.

Without a doubt, the wildlife found within the boundaries of Everglades National Park is among the most thrilling and abundant in the entire United States. Turtles, manatees, storks, and spoonbills are just a sampling of the species that can be observed amidst the park’s intricate waterways. Whether you choose to explore via hiking, kayaking, or boat trips, these adventures will transport you to various habitats that provide sanctuary for an array of species. Locations such as Shark Valley, Flamingo, and Chokoloskee Bay are renowned for their exceptional viewing potential and natural splendor.

33. Shark Valley: Iconic Everglades Exploration

When one mentions the Everglades in Miami, Shark Valley is likely the first image that comes to mind. Located just a straight shot west on Eighth Street, past the Miccosukee Resort & Gaming, this iconic destination offers a quintessential Everglades experience. Tiqets: Directly bookable and instantly available mobile tickets for attractions around the world

As you step into the park, you’ll be immersed in the essence of nature, teeming with awe-inspiring sights. Alligators are a common sight, and the park is a haven for wading birds such as herons, wood storks, and even the occasional spoonbill. Bird enthusiasts will find binoculars to be an invaluable companion.

To explore the wildlife, there are three main options: a leisurely walk, a bike rental adventure, or a tram ride that extends seven miles out to an observation tower. The 14-mile loop of the walking trail allows you to encounter a multitude of alligators along the roadside, ensuring a thrilling, albeit safe, close encounter with these prehistoric creatures.

The tram ride offers a comprehensive two-hour guided tour, while biking allows you to set your own pace. Upon reaching the observation tower, don’t miss the chance to ascend to the top for a breathtaking panoramic view that serves as a poignant reminder of Florida’s natural splendor before the arrival of modern civilization.

More things to do in the Everglades National Park

Shark Valley Visitor Center
Period: 3h 30 min

Anhinga Trail
Period: 2 hours

Gumbo Limbo Trail
Period: 2 hours

Mahogany Hammock
Period: 2 hours

Pa-hay-okee Trail
Period: 2 hours

Slough Slog
Period: 2 hours

Mrazek Pond
Period: 2 hours

Long Pine Key
Period: 2 hours

Eco Pond
Period: 2 hours

Snake Bight
Period: 2 hours

Buttonwood Canal
Period: 2 hours

Big Cypress National Preserve, Ochopee
Period: 5 hours

Fishing Charters & Tours, Chokoloskee
Period: Four hours

Miccosukee Indian Village, Tamiami
Period: 2h 30 min

99 Mile Wilderness Waterway
Period: 2 hours

Old Ingraham Highway
Period: 2 hours

Pineland Path
Period: 30 minutes

Nine Mile Pond Canoe Trail
Period: 2 hours

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