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Tahoe Snow Resorts that Every Traveler Can Check

(Last Updated On: April 9, 2021)

Tahoe is an awesome place for travel all over the year, from summer to the snow, with a good number of hotels, cabin, and resorts for accommodation. Searching out the best Tahoe snow resorts during the winter is a good option to make the travel hassle-free. This article will give a short review of Tahoe snow resorts for you.

Tahoe snow resorts

Here is a list of some selected Tahoe snow resorts that can be found economical compared to cost. Let’s find:


Sierra-at-Tahoe is Jeremy’s personal favorite forever and always, and he’s entering the 2019-20 season with his very first ever season pass (purchased on a steep discount on the last weekend of last season, score!).

Not only is Sierra one of the cheapest resorts in the Tahoe area, and one of the few remaining independently owned ski resorts, but it’s also usually the least busy!

The resort is mostly geared towards locals and beginners: the runs tend to lean to the easier side while offering some big challenges and unique routes too.

Like Boreal, the discounted rates are tied to the location of the resort. Sierra-at-Tahoe is about a 30-minute drive away from South Lake Tahoe.

If you’re driving to South Lake Tahoe from the Bay Area, it’s the first resort you’ll pass on your way in, and the last on the way out, which makes it perfect for a Sunday morning session before you head back home, is a good choice for Tahoe snow resorts.

Boreal Mountain

One of the cheapest options near Lake Tahoe, Boreal is one of the best budget-friendly ski resorts for beginning skiers and snowboarders.

Their lift tickets are very reasonably priced at around $80 during in-season weekends, is one of the good Tahoe snow resorts.

They’ve got a small selection of runs and offer adult half-day beginner ski & snowboard lessons for very reasonable rates.

Plus, every Friday, Boreal has lift tickets for only $15 for active-duty military and college students with I.D.

For more advanced folks, there’s also a freestyle terrain park designed for practicing tricks and flips and stuff. And if you’re really feeling adventurous, you can stay after hours and try night skiing until 9 PM!

One thing to note about Boreal is the location: It’s about a 30-minute drive to North Lake Tahoe, and actually much closer to Truckee and Donner Lake, of Donner Party infamy.

In fact, you’ll pass right by the Donner Party Memorial on your way from Boreal to North Lake Tahoe.

And so again we must insist: read this book before your trip and/or listen to this podcast so you can be weirdly fascinated with us! Do it.

Tahoe Travel Tip: If you don’t mind the distance from Lake Tahoe itself, there are a few more reasonably priced ski resort options in Truckee, including Sugarbowl Resort.

Homewood Mountain Resort

Located right on the west shore of the lake, Homewood Mountain Resort has the best view of the water of just about any ski resort in Lake Tahoe.

If stunning lake and mountain views are your priority, Homewood is definitely the best choice of Tahoe snow resorts.

Homewood has 67 runs, the majority of which are intermediate level, with some advanced/expert runs and a few beginners run.

Homewood is a fantastic budget-friendly choice for moderate to experienced skiers and snowboarders, or just anyone looking for absolutely jaw-dropping views on their runs.

Homewood is also one of the smallest resorts in Lake Tahoe, and as such, a lift ticket is dirt cheap.

If you buy a lift ticket or lesson online in advance, you’ll find steep discounts. So be sure to check online before you go!

As of October 2019, lift tickets were offered for $64 and lessons were offered for $79 – as long as you buy online.

tahoe snow resorts

Mid-Range Budget Lake Tahoe Resorts

Feeling a Lil’ fancy? Looking to splurge a moderate and reasonable amount on your Lake Tahoe winter trip? Here are our recommendations for mid-range budget Lake Tahoe ski resorts.

They’re more expensive than the budget options, but they’re definitely worth it for that once-in-a-lifetime trip with experience in Tahoe snow resorts.


Heavenly is a Vail resort and arguably the most famous Lake Tahoe Resort, and it’s also the largest of Tahoe snow resorts.

It’s got a cool base lodge area that’s located right near South Lake on the border with Nevada – so like, if you cross the street there are casinos.

Like many other Vail resorts, it offers plenty of runs for every level and has tons of great amenities for non-skiers (spa, UTV tours, mountain coaster, tubing, you name it).

Be sure to check online for lift ticket deals before you go – you can save quite a bit!

That said, you’re probably never going to find lift tickets for Heavenly under $100. Heavenly is a big of a splurge, but it really is an amazing resort!

Budget Tahoe Tip: The best deal we’ve found for Heavenly is a deeply discounted package lift ticket for all 3 Vail resorts in Lake Tahoe – Heavenly, Kirkwood, and Northstar – from Undercover Tourist.

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

In 1960, Squaw Valley was chosen to host the Winter Olympics thanks in part to its challenging terrain. Which explains those big Olympic rings you’ll see at the entrance to the resort which is a good option of all Tahoe snow resorts.

The same terrain also makes the resort an excellent choice for more advanced skiers & snowboarders: a whopping 60% of its 230 runs are advanced. Dayum.

The terrain is intimidatingly steep, but the views and the powder are excellent.

Squaw Valley is also a fantastic option for folks who spend as much time relaxing in a lodge as they do on the slopes: they have a great base lodge area.

The biggest downside to Squaw Valley is definitely the crowd; lines these days can run anywhere from 20-30 minutes on busy days.

Be sure to check for deals online before you go – and we mean WAY before you go and find the best Tahoe snow resorts.

Squaw offers steep discounts for tickets purchased online in advance, as low as $85. Squaw Valley is also on the Ikon Pass.

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