Willamette Falls

Willamette Falls Oregon – Description | History | Travel | Location

Willamette Falls is the second strongest waterfall in North America and an important Oregon historic and cultural treasure. For more than 150 years, its awe-inspiring magnificence has been closed to the general public. Soon, it won’t be. Willamette Falls Overview Willamette Falls is a crucial location for many tribes. The abundance of salmon introduced tribal […]

Walupt Creek Falls

Walupt Creek Falls WA – Description | History | Travel Guide | Location

Walupt Creek Falls through Klickitat Loop Trail is a 4.0 kilometer calmly trafficked out and back trail positioned close to Packwood, Washington that encompasses a river and is just advisable for very experienced adventurers. The path is primarily used for mountaineering. Walupt Creek Falls Overview There is not any seen trailhead and users report poor […]