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Bridal Veil Falls is a part of the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. A climbing path leads from a parking area to the falls. Nice easy burn for us semi avid hikers. The hike will get more strenuous in the direction of the top with stairs and crossing speeding streams. Wonderful view on the falls although it was a bit moist!

Bridal Veil Falls WA Overview

A good-looking waterfall flows out of Lake Serene and cascades below the rugged east wall of Mount Index on the end of a path on the west side of Bridal Veil Creek. Take time to see and revel in a surprising view of Bridal Veil Falls and climb flights of steps paralleling the falls.

Bridal Veil Falls is a 1,328-foot (405 m) waterfall that flows from Lake Serene onto the South Fork Skykomish River on the creek of the same name within the U.S. state of Washington.

Bridal Veil Falls WA is a perennial 150-foot (46 m) vast drop with 4 tiers, two of which (350 feet (110 m) and 250 feet (76 m), respectively) are clearly seen. It is at 47.78950°N 121.56924°W.

Children shall be fascinated as they stand immediately beside the water and search for a 100-foot rock face to see the streams of water that make up the bridal veil pouring beside them. An old close by mine, the Honeymoon Mine, introduced the unique nineteenth-century vacationers to the Lake Serene area.

Feel the moist spray and superior energy of the waterfall as you search for a 100-foot rock face and see broad streams of water pouring over it like a veil. Watch it disappear below vast views of the Index Wall and North Fork Skykomish valley.

The secret is out although. The parking zone overflows and the path will get busy on summer season weekends with all kinds of hikers.

The path begins off very delicate, following a deserted street for about ¾ of the best way by the forest of huge alders, moss-covered maple, and later old-growth conifers. It can get moist in locations as small streams are crossed.

At 1.5 miles the Lake Serene path forks to the left, and crosses a bridge with a view of the lower falls. Stay right, and the path climbs by a rocky stretch, ascends a number of stairways, and at two miles ends on the dramatic Bridal Veil Falls. You shall be impressed.

Bridal Veil Falls WA Description

Bridal Veil Falls Trail is a 6.0 kilometer closely trafficked out and back path situated close to Index, Washington that incorporates a waterfall and is rated as average. The path is primarily used for climbing and is finest used from June till October. Dogs are additionally in a position to make use of this path however should be stored on a leash.

Bridal Veil Falls is an exquisite waterfall that roars down a 100-foot rock face, sliding off of granite slabs and tumbling onto the rocks and Bridal Veil Creek down below. The majority of elevation achieve is on the Bridal Veil path turnoff about 1/2 mile from the top.

Here, additionally, you will climb flights of stairs to get to the top. There is plenty of skii around this level of the hike, however, you’re rewarded with a surprising view in each instruction when you’re there. Bring layers, as there are temperature adjustments as you improve in elevation and chances are you’ll get moist!

Bridal Veil Creek runs out of cliff-ringed Lake Serene and launches into the valley of the Skykomish River by way of one of many tallest set of waterfalls within the state of Washington.

The falls drop a total of 1,291 feet in seven distinct tiers, with sections of a much less steep cascading stream separating every fall. Both the appreciable height and the more level stream between every part of the falls leads to the total run of the falls being over 2,000 linear feet in size, nonetheless, every of the most important parts of the falls is kind of a bit steeper than the general pitch of the formation lets on.

Unfortunately, solely about one-third of the falls are quickly seen from anybody level, and half of the falls are hidden from view from anyplace however up shut.

The falls are composed of 5 main tiers, two smaller sections of cascades, and three stretches of a more level cascading stream. Beginning simply below the outlet of Lake Serene, the creek sheets down a long ramp of granite, sliding 186 feet in a broad, gradual fan-shaped drop.

At the bottom of this preliminary drop, a part of the stream splits off right into a second channel which falls parallel to the main channel of the creek. We haven’t but been in a position to survey this channel of the falls, apart from at its base.

The next part of the falls sees the creek cascade for 92 feet down a slender constricted gully, initially cascading steeply over rectangular ledges of bedrock, after which in a more gathered method down a narrower sluice.

Most of this part of the falls can’t be simply considered as a consequence of thick brush. This cascading part leads immediately into the top of the second main drop, a 278-foot horsetail sort fall that drops into an exceptionally scenic part of the forest.
Bridal Veil Falls WA
Between the second and third main sections of the falls, the creek drops 39 feet by way of a pair of smaller cascades, the second of which leads immediately into the third main tier the place the creek splits into two channels and cascades for 90 feet down one other part of rugged, fractured granite.

Immediately below this third drop, the water accelerates down a bedrock chute for an additional 37 vertical feet, main immediately into essentially the most outstanding sections of the falls.

The two main remaining tiers of the falls will be seen from Highway 2, and are accessible from the Lake Serene Trail in varied capacities. The higher of the 2 drops veils 205 feet over a darkish cliff in two to 4 distinct channels (relying on how a lot of water is present) and is accessed from a spur from the Lake Serene Trail.

Immediately below this drop is a chute-type cascade that drops 41 feet, which then leads into the ultimate fall of 322 feet which will be partially seen from the footbridge spanning Bridal Veil Creek alongside the path.

Adjacent to all of this, the stream which breaks off from the principle channel on the backside of the uppermost tier additionally cascades down a sequence of falls in an analogous method, parallel to the principle stream of Bridal Veil Creek.

Unfortunately solely the ultimate tier of this drop is seen because the path crosses instantly beneath its base simply after the footbridge over the main channel of the creek.

As if this weren’t sufficient, becoming a member of this parallel section of the falls is a 3rd stream that originates in a tarn high up on the ridge east of Lake Serene.

When this part of the falls, the 2 distinct sections of stream are produced by totally impartial streams. This part of the falls nonetheless will often dry out totally in the summertime.

As a remaining notice, Bridal Veil Falls does present some appreciable hazards, notably around the perspective of the second to the final tier on the end of the spur path.

The rocks below the falls will be fairly slick, and there’s little safety below because the stream transitions immediately into the ultimate drop of the falls.

Use acceptable restraint and warning around the falls and don’t put yourself in pointless threat in try and get a greater vista of the falls. Given how popular the Lake Serene Trail is, one may simply create a scene that may endanger different hikers as nicely.

Additionally, solely the 2 remaining sections of the falls are accessible by way of developed trails – the remaining elements of the falls all require scrambling and bushwhacking to some degree, one area, specifically, is kind of harmful.

Bridal Veil Falls WA Location

Bridal Veil Falls is accessed from the Lake Serene Trail, situated simply north of the city of Index off Highway 2. Turn off of Highway 2 at Mount Index Road, simply west of the second bridge throughout the Skykomish River (instantly west of the city of Index), and head right on the first junction to the parking zone in one-quarter of a mile.

The backside of the falls is reached after climbing 1.8 miles, and the bottom of the second tier after 2.3 miles by way of a spur path about 1/4 mile before the bridge below the falls.

The falls can be simply considered from Highway 2, with the perfect vista being afforded simply over three-quarters of a mile east of the Index-Galena Road.

Access to the center and higher parts of the falls which aren’t readily seen from the Lake Serene Trail just isn’t beneficial, because it requires steep scrambling (in locations immediately up cliffs) and potential publicity.

Bridal Veil Falls WA Getting There

To attain the trailhead from Everett, observe Highway 2 east to the small city of Gold Bar. Continue on Highway 2 for seven more miles. Just because the street curves left to disclose a big bridge over the Skykomish River, turn right onto Mount Index Road.

Proceed on this grime street a quarter-mile. Turn right once more, following the signal to Lake Serene Trail 1068 and the parking zone 500 feet forward.

Consider visiting Lake Serene on a weekday. While there might seem like ample parking, the lake’s recognition, notably on weekends, typically leads to more automobiles than the trailhead can accommodate.

Please notice the No Parking indicators. If you could park on the side of the grime street, pull nicely off the street in order that site visitors and emergency autos can go and different hikers can exit the lot.

Take away

Beautiful path, nicely maintained, and the first mile or so seems like an old forest or mining street. About a mile and 1 / 4 into the path, it forks and also you need to verify a not noticeable picket signpost indicating the Bridal Veil path from Lake Serene.

About a quarter-mile before the falls we received some slushy snow, however, was manageable. The falls are actually a visible treat, and you can spend a while consuming a sandwich or have a small picnic.

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