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Angeline Falls is a big waterfall positioned on an unnamed tributary of the West Fork Foss River in Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area, King County, Washington. It is a horsetail sort waterfall 450 feet (137 m) high and more than 120 feet (37 m) broad. The waterfall is perennial and flows from the outlet of Angeline Lake to the head of Delta Lake. It is at 47.58340oN, 121.31034oW.

Angeline Falls, WA Overview

Angeline FallsThis superb waterfall happens the place the outlet of Angeline Lake spreads out to around 100′ broad and plunges 400′ in direction of Delta Lake. The waterfall will be seen as quickly as you climb the final hill to the lake and retains your consideration all the way in which around the lake.

While tough to succeed in, this is, without doubt, one of the finest waterfalls within the Northwest. When you add in the truth that Big Heart Falls sits right next door, this is, without doubt, one of the premier waterfall locations around. If you may make it, you MUST go to this area.

Angeline Falls is positioned the place the subterranean outlet of Angeline Lake rises out of the sheer cliff. According to the Northwest Waterfall Survey, it’s “among the best in Washington State” and ranks quantity 9 in an inventory of finest waterfalls within the Pacific Northwest.

Access to the spectacular falls is taken into account tough, solely advisable for experienced hikers, and contains probably waist-deep wading via a water outlet throughout a logjam, to the east shore of Delta Lake for the most effective view.

Angeline Falls Description

High up within the basin of the West Fork of the Foss River within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, the shops of three main lakes all spill into secluded Delta Lake, when then produces the aforementioned river from its outlet.

Each of those three streams feeding into Delta Lake produces a big waterfall and this phenomenon is basically liable for the Foss River basin having one of much highest focus of high-quality waterfalls in Washington State.
Angeline Falls WA
Angeline Lake is the central and highest elevation of the three tributary river sources, itself fed by the outflow from Chetwoot and Azure Lakes as nicely.

The outlet of Angeline Lake is subterranean, the floor outlet channel being blocked by a big landslide. The water exiting the lake percolates via the landslide and emerges to the floor about 1,000 feet downstream from the lake.

Almost instantly upon returning to the floor, the stream begins cascading steeply down the hillside and rapidly reaches cliffs that line the south side of the Delta Lake basin the place it spreads out to 80-100 feet in width and pitches almost vertically, hurtling 424 feet to the talus slopes below as one among Washington State’s most spectacular waterfalls.

At the bottom of the falls the stream cascades for a short distance before once more being absorbed into the rocky slope and receding totally underground once more, solely to emerge as soon as and for all 600 vertical feet additional down on the south end of Delta Lake.

Angeline Falls is massive sufficient that it’s simply seen from many accessible places all through the Foss River basin, however most prominently from a lot of the eastern shore of Delta Lake, in addition to from the high-point alongside the West Fork Foss Lakes path between Little Heart and Big Heart Lakes in addition to from a lot of the summits within the rapid area.

On a transparent day with good visibility, it might even be seen from Beckler Peak on the north side of Highway 2, over 10 miles away.

The falls will be seen in tandem with neighboring Big Heart Falls from midway down the east shore of Delta Lake to the purpose the place the outlet stream from Otter Lake enters Delta Lake (additional alongside the east shore too, however, the path turns away from Delta Lake at this level).

How to Go Angeline Falls

From Upper Foss River Falls, proceed alongside the path to Delta Lake. Angeline Falls will be seen nearly instantly. Closer views will be had by crossing the outlet of Delta Lake and selecting up the path alongside the shore.

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